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    Posted June 3, 2012 by
    Glendora, California

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    High School Rally for Syrian 'Atrocity'


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     bchaballout is a Syrian American boy from Homs. He and his friend, Kevin Tai, organized an awareness rally to bring light to what is happening in Syria. 'The rally was what we felt would bring the most attention to the school,' he says. 'Kevin Tai and I thought the coolest way to bring awareness to the whole school was to do what the Syrians are doing in Syria, which is marching and rallying for the cause of freedom,' he says. He says the situation in Syrian is heart-breaking, and he feels that not nearly enough people in the United States are aware of what is going on in that country. Brooke Bernal captured photos of the rally and contributed to this iReport as well.
    - Jareen, CNN iReport producer

    Two High school students, Basil Chaballout and Kevin Tai, enraged at the  current crisis happening in Syria, decided to take the initiative and  raise awareness at Glendora High School for what they felt was an  unequivocal crime against humanity. And just like the hundreds of  thousands of valiant protesters in the streets of Homs, Aleppo, and  Hama, it wasn’t in their interest all to be subtle about it.


    The awareness project consisted of 4 phases:


    Firstly, for two weeks they utilized different social media to their  advantage and posted statistics of the Syrian government’s brutality  accompanied by graphic and meaningful pictures.


    The second  thing they did was create trendy bracelets with the words ‘Free Syria’  on them, and then proceeded to distribute them out to whom they felt  would wear them daily on campus – indirectly spreading more awareness  and getting students more familiar with the conflict.


    Thirdly,  they designed a poster, one that was aesthetically pleasing, and printed  out about a thousand of them to cover the entire school campus. This  informed students about the specifics of the rally that was going to  take place.


    The last of their action items proved to be the  most important and fervent. They lead a massive rally on campus during  school hours, accumulating a mass of over 100 students who agreed with  the cause. The rally was a huge success. It contained signs with backed  up statistics such as “14, 755 murdered” and “212,000” protesters  imprisoned,” and got a large amount of the students at school staring,  thinking, and interested.


    To Basil and Kevin, their ultimate  goal was accomplished. They wanted to finish the project off knowing  every individual on campus left school that day with the word ‘Syria’ on  their mind, and emphasized that the project was neither political nor  religious, and that regardless of ideological or political affiliation  there needs to be a mass attention to what is going on.


    “I can now go to sleep knowing we did something good" tweeted Kevin Tai  as he sat down finishing the day reminicing of the long process of good  work.

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