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    Posted June 4, 2012 by
    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    Want My Vote? Work for It!


    This is to all the presidential candidates and especially directed at President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney.

    If  you want my vote, you must work for it. I am talking a vote with  support and not where I just choose the candidate who is the least bad.

    At present no one is working for my vote, not even the 2nd tier candidates like the Libertarian Party's Gary Johnson.

    But  there is a way to get more than just a holding-my-nose choice by me and  countless other Americans who occupy no man's land between the 2 main  political parties.

    Compare the election to that of planting a garden and your role being one of a gardener.

    You  can never have a garden full of vegetables and fruit, ripe, ready to  eat and providing nourishment to a broken spirit until you first roll up  your sleeves, grab hold and plow the ground.

    Once  the hard task of plowing, sometimes running into stones and rocks in  the way that must be removed or a stubborn root that must be excised,  then the seeds can be planted.

    But planting the seeds and walking away is not enough.

    You  must tend to that garden plot. Be sure it is properly watered and  weeded. The gardener must make sure the right nutrients from fertilizer  are applied. All this must be done before you can enjoy the bounty of  harvest.

    I'm  still waiting for the President or his challenger, Mitt Romney, to roll  up the shirt sleeves and take charge, grab hold of the plow and begin  turning the hard, dry earth.

    The American voters are a field waiting to be planted.

    To be my presidential choice, you must be willing to work the garden.

    From  the Cornfield, Mr. President, Governor and other candidates, which of  you is ready to get down in the dirt and work for not just my vote, but  for all Americans?

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