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    Hold the State of Utah Responsible for Crimes Against Humanity


    For a state that conducts itself like a country within the borders of USA to revoke or annul US Immigration status of a black African woman, the State of Utah in USA ignored Articles 17 and 18 of Universal Declarations of Human Rights by damaging the status of an African student and refusing to fix the status and then using the limbo status to try to deport her to a country where she fled violence.


    The title of this article brings several questions to mind. For example, why Utah vs UN? As far as creation of immigration laws, Utah lend itself a country within the borders of the US, and in fact the Utah Compact reiterated that Utah is not a country because that was precisely the direction Utah law makers were taking in their creation of new immigration laws.



    In this case, a foreign student was stripped off of her legal status to be in the US by the state of Utah without due process of law.



    Every human being is entitled to equitable access to resources in the country within which he or she resides. Every human being is guaranteed all liberties as are granted those around him or her. That is, arbitrary rules should not be imposed on any individual member of the society thereby depriving him or her of his or her God-given rights.


    Yet in Utah, a woman from Lesotho was told  her legal status to be in the US was damaged by the computers. Those who own the computers refused to restore the status. What they did was to replace her valid files prior to the damage with new files that had incorrect information .US laws at the time of this incident, there were sanctions for US universities tht did not comply with regulations regarding proper handling and maintenance of foreign student records. For example see 22 C.F.R. § 62.50; 62.79.


    She took the matter to the local courts, but judges evaded the question and her filings were discarded. Since 2006 when these errors happened, she has been battling with the US immigration system to get out of limbo status, which they chose to call "out of status" even though both DHS, USCIS and ICE know fully well that her status was never restored.


    No individual black or white should suffer arbitrary loss of status and the ensuing limbo status. It is the responsibility of the government officials involved in this case to reissue legal, valid files the student had when she landed in Utah as well as release to her the valid diploma she duly earned. According to


    Weber State University had   the legal obligation to update the foreign student files  for example read  22 C.F.R. § 62.73.




    It is unfair and unacceptable that an African student was compelled to lose her status and face Utah courts and deportation for crimes committed but not by her. Artilces 17 and 18 of the Declarations Act are in full support of her stand and appropriate remedies must be provided as soon as it is possible.


    And for a 'country " like Utah where mirality and the law are one, the inferences are loud and clear especially when for Mormons education for blacks and their equality in society is something long determined in the premortal exitence.





    Regardless of standards Mormons use for those from a black race, justice still remains imperative.

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