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    Professor Dr Engineer Mohammad Hassan Muti


    Friday, 15 April 2011
    Designer streets of Kabul - Herat
    Procurement arrangements: Qdyrmshrf - Washington


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    Photo VOA, Afghanistan Dari Service
    Professor Engineer Muti -abiding and colleagues in the United States of America
    Afghanistan is the birthplace of the great men of history. The soil scientists and ecologists in every arena of life, combat warriors and political leaders, cultural and literary has nourished. Although life at the time of such great men and warriors, or anyone asked or successive wars and continued to have the opportunity to learn from them and be grateful, but most of them died trying to come to remind you of Their action comes Karkrdgy.
    Expressing thanks that we were obedient to  Farid Muti and summary of the accidents and Karkrdgy Dr Engineer Mohammad Hassan obedient to the Voice of America put it, we counted and services of precious booty opportunity to raise your interest our readers, It is a memorial to the professor and Guided obedient to others who want to have their duty to the mother country.
    Herat in the year 1934 witnessed the birth of a child in an average family that Mohammed Hassan called her. Hassan lost his parents at the age of ten and Shdd forced to live alone in the paternal home and work for their livelihood and besides, it will continue to study science and literature.
    Abtdayyە period spent in school in Herat and Kabul technique was later included Lysە. Mohamed Hassan of the first period was a student at that time by American cable Lysە teaching techniques were documented. He is always among the top students Lysە technique was considered. Mohammad Hassan, a profusion of cleverness as a great benefit and it can be used. Engineer
    Mohammad Hassan Muti in 1953 graduation from high degrees of Lysە getting cable technique and using the scholarship was Rvanە United States of America.
    Engineer Mohammad Hassan Muti subdued in 1958 could send Dyplvmە engineering or Civil Engineering with a degree in civil engineering graduate from love.
    Engineer Mohamed Hassan Muti not satisfied with just getting a bachelor's degree, for this purpose in 1959, his Masters in the field of civil engineering from the University Vayvmng United States and back home again.


    VOA, Afghanistan Dari Service
    Farid Muti, Professor Mohammad Hassan Muti obedient obedient child
    Engineer Mohamed Hassan Muti was obedient to the first Afghan to attribute Fakvltە engineering professor at Kabul University and accepted teaching themes Hydraulics, Statistics, and Welding in the faculty.
    Professor Mohamad Hassan Muti, abiding in the books that Statstyk or calculated, the author was Vldng Haydrvlyk and secondary technical schools and Students in engineering, construction, electricity, vehicles and aviation lesson, read the book he had written Draftng would use.
    Professor Mohamad Hassan Muti was obedient to his Dvktvray in 1972 in Seoul Anjnyrng engineering or public benefit of the University of California will receive.
    Dr Engineer Mohammad Hassan Muti hold more than 35 years of his life has been serving in this post:
    1. Advisor to the Afghan Ministry of Higher Education
    2. Fakvltە professor of engineering at Kabul University
    3. Professor Lysە excellent technique Vsanvy
    4. General Manager Lysە mechanical cable
    5. General manager of the cable industry Lysە
    6. Deputy Lysە excellent technique
    7. General Manager of Technical Schools and Industry Ministry of Higher Education
    8. Evaluation of scientific papers appointees and faculty at Kabul University
    9. Head of European countries and the U.S. government scholarships to Afghanistan
    Professor Dr. Mohammad Hassan Muti subdued in early January 1992 after the civil war in Afghanistan, was stationed with his family to the United States of America.
    His education was finding America, the United States government was willing to allow the performance of engineering and teaching.
    Professor abiding in the presence of six American engineering experts who must take the exam at the end of eight hours, could meet and spend 45 minutes contentment American engineers in the United States were to be allowed to work in the field of engineering.
    Professor Muti was allowed to design their own maps as well as other engineers and review and approval of engineering design in the United States had allowed.
    • Professor Muti of functions lasting worth and abiding one road design Kabul - Kandahar - Herat after a request by American engineers attempted to push. This road is considered the greatest road connecting the provinces of Afghanistan after the Taliban fell again by the Americans to build and was inaugurated.
    • In 1967, Professor Muti obedient to Beirut for a while Rvanە educational requirements for the university prepare for Afghan children. If there are large numbers of Afghans are engaged in education or have graduated from the Master of Mandە efforts have been obedient.
    • Fakvltە engineering was blocked for some time but due to the cable and trying to convince the staff time and the Ministry of Higher Education Dr. Najibullah, the faculty began to work for the second time in 1989.
    • New techniques in professional design Kartە four cable branches
    • Establishment of design and materials Lysە Agriculture Lysە Herat and Kabul Blind Darlaman
    • Established and opened with the existence of Tkhnykm Jnglk Kabul and Mazar Tkhnykm Minister of Education and Professor of Soviet rule in the reign of Mohammad Daud Khan, then began to operate.
    Professor Muti obedient to the age of 74 in 2008 in the United States of America Portland Maine wore eye of the world. He, like thousands of Afghans who died in exile around the world are in Muslim Hzyrە Ever Green was buried.
    Officials and dignitaries on the occasion of the death of this character are rare and one field engineering Tslyt Afghanistan President Barack Obama and First Lady Obama are Mychyly United States.
    Professor Dr. Mohammad Hassan Muti obedient children and his students always honesty, justice and mercy to mankind and to encourage honest and wanted to live some distance from the betrayal of the Lord is with them.
    He has always been interested in Afghanistan and hoped to social justice in terms of his knowledge at the international level par is the world's advanced countries.
    God bless his soul and help him wind

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