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    Ray Bradbury's legacy

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    The Past Meets the Future - Ray Bradbury Visionary


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     pdrapala says, 'Ray Bradbury was a visionary in the field of sci-fi. His writings influenced future writers in the sci-fi genre. Without writers like him, literature would be less interesting, too sterile, and boring.'
    - nsaidi, CNN iReport producer

    In January of 2005, as my friend and I took our daily walk, we eagerly discussed the possibilities of the future computers, and I don’t think the future of computers would have occurred without the creative thinkers, science fiction writers, and the dreamers of new technology. The first inventor that comes to my mind was Leonard Di Vinci. His foresight was incredible. His ideas were drawn onto paper and Di Vinci’s concepts were hundreds of years into the future.
    And there are other creative thinkers, such as Ray Bradbury, H. G. Wells, Rod Sterling, George Lucas, Gene Roddenberry, whose visions turned into reality. I never thought that the gadget that many of us use today first began on Star Trek. Ray Bradbury for saw many things in the future through his writings such as our ATMs. Do you remember Captain Kirk saying, Beam me up Scottie? The flip phone gave inventors the idea to invent the cell phone. Also, at one point, an inventor/doctor became very angry with Roddenberry for showing the patient monitor screen on television for the first time. The inventor/doctor said that Roddenberry had stolen his idea! However, it was only a concept for television, to make the Star Trek scene more interesting.

    As we took our walk, I asked my friend to imagine living in the early 1800's and looking into the sky and seeing an airplane in the sky for the first time. Of course, an actual person from the 1800's would say it was impossible or magic for an object to fly. But, today, it is an everyday sight, just as normal as turning on our faucet in the kitchen and seeing water pour from the spout.

    I ask you to do the same, but this time think into the very distant future. What do you see as possibilities? Do you foresee computer robots who will be our prime caretakers when we are ill? Do you foresee computer robots who will do all of our manual labor? Do you foresee computers allowing us to fly across town instead of driving on congested streets? I see all of these things some day coming to fruition. Think of the limitless possibilities that await all of us. All we have to do is be patient, because it won’t be long before you too will see the impossible unfold right before your eyes. Embrace the new technology . . . it’s here to stay.
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