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    Ray Bradbury's legacy

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    Our Last Interview with Ray Bradbury


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     WinnerTwins says, 'We were one of the last people to interview Ray Bradbury, and we filmed in his house in the production of his final documentary, 'Live Forever,' a few months ago.'
    - nsaidi, CNN iReport producer

    A few months ago we had the honor of meeting Ray Bradbury and interviewing him for an hour as part of his final documentary “Live Forever”. The reason they wanted us in the documentary was because we are America`s youngest multiple award winning authors and we write science fiction. We were the youngest authors and he was the oldest. We have been fans of his work for years and it was a dream come true. We were one of the last to interview him for his documentary.

    It was an amazing experience being able to talk to him one on one. He was not only a brilliant man, but also kind with razor sharp sense of humor.# Though he was sick, he was mentally with it more than most young people. He kept us on our toes throughout the whole interview and enjoyed harassing us in good humor. Some highlights were when we compared writing styles and read some of his poetry to him.


    Some things he told us

    1.      He said that true knowledge comes from books, not the internet (he wasn’t a fan of technology, just read Fahrenheit 451 and you’ll know why)


    2.      He said his story ideas came to him like being struck by lightning, and often times through his dreams


    3.      He said we shouldn’t go to college because it doesn’t really teach you anything


    4.      He said he could remember being in the womb and he said it was beautiful


    5.      He said the most important thing is to keep writing and to finish


    6.      His favorite book he wrote was The Martian Chronicles


    Some fun things about his home


    1.      There were bags of fan mail everywhere


    2.      There were giant stuffed animals scattered around his entire house


    3.      There were awards on his book shelf from everything to NASA to The Newbery Award


    Fun Facts He Told Us


    1.      He wanted his ashes to be shot to Mars in a Campbell’s Tomato Soup Can

    2.      His favorite typewriter was his Underwood typewriter


    3.      He was very excited about his books being re made into movies


    4.      He loved his family and grandchildren

    He said that the reason he became interested in being an author as a child was that he wanted to live forever through his work.

    Thank you Mr. Bradbury, you truly will live forever.

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