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    Urban Golf, is it for you?


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     seeitnow recorded this package in 2011 and says, 'getting people and especially tourists to visit these areas using urban golf is a very unique and effective way to encourage local traffic, which leads to greater use and ultimately a better neighborhood.'
    - dsashin, CNN iReport producer

    Since this story was shot last year "Urban Golf" has taken off around the world with September 10th designated as Urban Golf day. Why not pick up a few tips and introduce it to your town!

    "The fundamental difference between "Urban Golf" and its verdant brother is the lack of nature, since it is Urban Golf". The holes include hazards but these are natural to an urban environment. Street furniture, drains, pets and garbage cans. I loved the idea of learning about local history while playing an interesting game and practicing my stroke.

    Urban Golf is seen by many as social commentary on the nature of golf and its traditional opinions and attitudes. Considering golf pompous, dogmatic and quite often inaccessible, urban golfers worldwide have adopted many different urban environments as their new course to engage in this recreational pastime. Commonly, urban golf organizations tend toward using disused or under utilized urban areas to play golf, not just to reduce the risk of damage or injury, but also as a statement toward the development and reuse of the city."

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