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    Posted June 6, 2012 by
    West Virginia
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    Police Injustice

    Lumberport WV is in a terrible situation. We citizens are afraid that if our story is not heard, justice will not be done. It involves police injustice. An 18 year old boy who just graduated high school was shot three times in the chest by a local police officer. Eye witnesses state he was unarmed, non threatening, and causing no issues with this officer. Those witnesses testimonies have gone unheard by the investigators on this case. Some officers investigating the issues have ignored pleas from the public to interview these witnesses. This officer has had several issues in his job, including sexual harassment, wrongful arrests. This victim was just accepted into college on a full chemistry scholarship and had dreams of being a doctor. He was an A student and never had been in trouble prior to the incident. This officer states the child had a weapon (knife) which may or may not have even been recovered from the scene. There were two officers and four fire department personal who were present during the shooting. Could the child have not been tackled to the ground even if he was armed. Drugs were not involved. The eye witnesses were ushered off the scene and told to leave before they could give a statement by the officers at the scene. Their testimony was not taken by the sheriff's department until they went to our local media and told their story. Another teen was shot in Florida for what was thought to be unnecessary force by that officer. We all understand they have a job to do and it is dangerous, but this child, as with in Florida, was not a threat and could not have been seen as such based on appearance. This town has gone 50+ years without an incident. This office comes onto the force and we have had two shootings in 18 months. While we all believed the first shooting was warranted, now questions are being asked about this possibly "trigger happy" police officer. The biggest concern is that the investigation is not being handled honestly and fully. Our local media placed the witnesses on television and the officers were forced to interview their statements. There are more to be heard. This issue needs to be escalated before we lose another one of our children. The witnesses state the officer shot twice, then walked up to the unarmed child and shot two more times standing over him at close range. He shot to kill, not wound. He has a K-9, billyclub, mace, and 5 other adults were at the scene behind this office, one a fellow officer. Why could he not have been tackled to the ground? We ask for your help in reporting this injustice. too often officers get away with this act. This was not one of those justified cases. This was an innocent child whom has his whole life ahead of him. Don't show that nothing can break the "blue line". Please help our town so that we might get a full and fair investigation.
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