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    Posted June 7, 2012 by

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    Is Teens Texting While Driving Preventable?


    Hello, my name is Byron Thomas and America teens texting while driving is only going to get worst. So is there anyway to prevent teens from texting? I believe teens texting while driving is a bigger problem then teens drunk driving. My reason being is, not every teen drinks, but almost every teen has a cell phone. I bet if a national survey was done on teens texting while driving, over 80% of teens would say they text while driving. That includes texting at stoplights when the light is red. Teens drive other teens while still texting. Is that a little comparable with teens driving other teens while under the influence? Trust me I've rode with people, who text while driving and its a little scary; because you don't know their reactions to the road while being distracted. More teens text, then talk on the cell phone. I believe the only approach to reducing teens texting while driving, is taking the Prom Promise approach. Scaring someone with pictures can sink deeper, then just words. My brother doesn't text while driving anymore, after he heard of a teen who hit a gas truck and it blow up and he/she died. That's scary and sad, but is that the only way to get the message out that texting while driving is very dangerous? America again, this problem is only going to get worst and its time we take action, so we can protect our future. Maybe its going to take technology to prevent texting while driving at the same time, but until then "Houston we have a problem". Kill People With Kindness. Peace and May God Bless America @ByronThomas7

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