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    Dear Mr. John Mica

    Dear Mr. John Mica

    First as a college teacher with fourty years of experience let me thank you for your interest about Just and helping US people who have problems. Your office is trying to help me for over one year and I appreciate it. But why there are so many problems around us. Two children of the king of Iran suicide in the west and many students of mine even with PhD from best universities in west also killed themselves. Why our youth use drug and kill themselves? I was teacher in Oviedo high and I saw that young beautiful girls and handsome boys are addicted? Even in the time I was instructor in the Seminole Community College had the same experience. Should we as a college teacher or congressman do something against that? In other countries the students love to learn and they do not have the possibilities, and here they have the possibilities and they are not guided properly to use it. Why?

    We know that US government spent trillion of dollars against terrorist and they tired to kill and destroy them. But that is like trimming a tree and let the root be find. US government with my opinion should attack the root of terrorist which is in ignorance from one side and greed from other side. In the way that the people are smart and educated nobody can use them as a device for their own way and thinking. I opened a boarding and language school to help the students. With the help of Northland church I helped students who were addicted as the church had a program for them and I drove them to have the benefit of the program. I prepared a very cheap and safe place for the girls and boys who could not pay high rent and they got their BA and got work later to pay tax to the government instead to be in jail and the government pays for them. I trained the students who wanted to pass the exam and they could even have their own organic food preparing in the farm of the boarding school.

    I was teacher in the Seminole County as some students wanted to learn more and have extra hours in my home. My house was in sub division and the home owners association did not like that I teach at home. I went to the county to solve the problem, they told me if I buy a house in the County and in the agricultural zoning with acres they can provide me with occupational license. I bought these houses and they kept their promise and gave me occupational license for boarding school. I was happy and I put all my money, effort and time in this school, in the hope that it will help the young people living in the USA.

    After three years of operation, the county told me they had a mistake and they have not given such permission to me at all and they cancelled it. With their cancellation I have lost 800,000 dollars that I put in the business. I told them, I will lose all my capital plus the money I borrowed from banks and credit card to change the houses to a total furnished boarding school. They said I can sue them. Karin an attorney told me, if I can give her 4000 dollars, she can get my license back. I gave her 500 dollars and she started the work, but she was not willing to sue them. I had no other choice to rent the houses to the regular people. They thought I am rich, did not pay me and as I had to go to court to send them out of house they got angry and destroyed the houses and vandalize it. In the time that I got the papers and the police or sheriff came in they have already left a damaged destroyed house for me back and they took what ever they could sell or use from the houses. They thought that I am rich and they have right to take what ever they could from my house including the drywall, doors, windows and washer dryers, refrigerators and other furniture’s.

    I had to buy everything again to be able to rent it. The water damaged my house and I had to pay about 200,000 for the repair, but again insurance companies did not pay and I had to have hire attorney to get my right back from them. The people gave me checks, but their checks could not be cashed. Again I was responsible to pay and they changed their home and telephone and I could not even call them and ask them to pay me.

    The price of the real estate came lower and the bank froze all my equity lines of credit, so I have no money to spend even for the farm. As the people did not pay me and robbed my materials, I could not pay the banks and credit cards. They charge me high interest and fines. They have money and they hire attorneys and they take me to court to pay them, but the people who owe me money are safe and sound and I cannot even call them and disturb them. With other words in a free country, I am robbed and it is fine, but I am responsible to pay the loan with high interest and fines. The price came down over 60%, but the bank wants the full price. If they can sell the house for 300,000 they will be happy, but I have to pay for the same house 650,000 dollars, how can I pay it? The Orange County Zoning department did a mistake and I lost 800,000 dollars, it is fine for them and it was a mistake, because they say, they were human being and did a mistake. But how can I pay for their mistake 800,000 dollars?

    Insurance companies gathered money in the time I had money, but now the business is damaged, they are not willing to pay for water damages. They just pay a company to dry the carpet for one week with their equipments and after that they refuse to pay the rest? How can I pay all damages? With other words I have to pay the insurance companies and all the damages they are responsible to pay also by me? Now I try to work in other places as I know also 8 languages. But they do not release me and clear me, as I have so many loans. How can I pay the bank over one millions dollars? In the time that the whole business does not even cost 600,000 dollars. And they do not let me work? Is it logical?

    Is it my fault that I trusted Orange County zoning department? Is it my fault that I trusted insurance companies? Now they ignore me and say why I do not go back to my original country. I have persecuted there because my mother was Bahai. The Moslem friends of mine and my Bahai family like here misused my situation and robbed me. I was persecuted even as a child as Bahai and as a Moslem. Both side misused my situation. And the Christian also say me, the Job had a worst position as you have so you are fine. I have to pay the money to the banks and credit card which had been gone. The people do not pay me and it is fine, but I have to pay to the credit cards and banks. If we make a mistake we are responsible for it and we have to pay the fine, but if the Orange County Zoning department made a mistake, it is fine?

    Yours Nasser Ali Tehrani G.
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