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    Russia is preparing units for war "across the borders"


    Russian Defense Ministry launched an intensive training of the units for participation in the war "across the border". One of these countries, according to the Russian officials, is Syria. (See more for Russian war preparations against Georgia )


    Preparations for combat operations is carried out by Pskov's 76th air assault division of the Russian Air and Landing Forces (ALFA), the 15th combined army brigade in Samara, as well as Putins Chechen  puppet Kadyrov's units from the ex-GRU(Russian defence intelligence)  of "West" and "East", writes Russian  Nezavisimaya Gazeta newspaper citing anonymous sources in the Defense Ministry of Russia.


    The Pskov military unit of ALFA is considered to be the most combat-ready among Russian invaders as it was involved in the war against Chechnya (1994-1996 and 1999-2007, respectively) and against Georgia in August 2008. In 2004, it has become the first division of Russian army being fully hired.

    Putins Chechen puppet Kadyrov's special Chechen terrorist units also fought against Georgia in 2008.


    In addition, it is reported that special forces  of the so-called "Marine Corps" of the Black Sea Fleet got their training for war in Syria. They were present at the patrol ship "Smetliviy (Clever)" which in May, before returning from almost two months of the surveillance in the Mediterranean Sea, visited the Syrian port of Tartus, the point of logistics of the Russian Navy.


    Smetliviy returned to Sevastopol on May 31, as reported by Ukrainian news agency UNIAN. At the same time head of information management of the Black Sea Fleet captain Vyacheslav Trukhachev said to the media that security of Smetliviy during passage of the straits and docking in the Syrian port was provided by a so-called "group of anti-terror" - the same special forces gang of the "Marine Corps" of the Black Sea Fleet.


    A day earlier a Russian tanker Iman returned from the Mediterranean, which was fueling ships of the Russian Navy in Tartus. In March, an international scandal nearly burst, when the Syrian opposition in the Arab media reported that the tanker contains special forces and fighter jets of the Marine Corps. Europe has even warned Russia against landing in Syria.

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