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    Posted June 7, 2012 by
    New York, New York

    Accuist and 14 other iReporters contributed to Open Story: Occupy Wall Street protests
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    Bradley Manning Play (Bradass87) telling the story the Public has never heard

    This site specific, experimental, documentary theater piece examines the conditions of solitary confinement that Bradley Manning was held in without charge in Quantico Marine Corp Brig in 2011. Bradley Manning was an Army Intelligence Analyst who allegedly perpetrated the largest leak of military and diplomatic classified documents in American History. Using the AIM chat logs between Manning and hacker Adrian Lamo published in Wired magazine as our text and Manning’s solitary confinement cell as our setting, “Bradass87″ will premiere at the 2012 Figment Festival.

    Manning is currently standing trial and his actions have led to popular uprisings worldwide and the end of the Iraq war. This story is not covered enough in the press and the production is timely as Manning is currently in pre-trail hearings. Check out the site for more information regarding Bradley Manning and our show.

    The exact dimensions of the solitary confinement cell Manning was held in at Quantico Marine Corp Brig in 2010 will be recreated. A piece of plexi-glass or another hard surface separates the cell from the audience where two guards stand outside at all times. It is currently mobile, allowing us to take this piece wherever it is needed.

    Using the chat logs between Bradley Manning and Adrian Lamo as source material where Manning discusses his leaks of 250,000 government files to WikiLeaks and how he feels the public needs the information to make informed decisions, his childhood growing up in Oklahoma, as well as his gender dysphoria and feelings about the war in Iraq and his access to secret information. Imposed upon the text are the conditions of solitary confinement in military prison where Manning is held under prevention of injury suicide watch and checked on by guards and made to respond every five minutes, stripped nightly before going to sleep, and kept from exercising or moving around too much.

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