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    Posted June 8, 2012 by
    Murfreesboro, Tennessee
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    Who's Stealing My Electricity


    For the past couple of years I noticed my electric bills were extremely high.  I called the local electric company and got nowhere.  I also notice that I had small items missing from the home, and newly renovated items being damaged, but the local authorities said they would not take a complaint nor file a report unless I could prove a forced entry has occurred.   On Sunday June 3, 2012 I decided to update this year’s filing to find someone had stolen all of my electric & water bills from 2005 up until part of 2010.  The household was experiencing unusual high bills lately and proof of such lower bills were stored in the attic of the vandalized home.  More strangely I used a different electric company prior to moving to this residence 7 years ago in 2005 and my 10-12 year history of electric and water bill files have been taken for those companies, along with banks statements.  My child’s original birth certificate before I had her name legally changed was taken from a file located on the main floor where some altered items had been placed back into the home in the “to be filed box” in the area where I stored the most recent files. While in the attic I noticed there were more cable wires than in the previous year and decided to explore the outside of the home; here’s what I found:

    To the right of my official weather head, a newly installed cable wire, painted partially to appear older, that ran from my home to the main pole in an odd placement.  The illegal connection then appeared to be carried directly across the street to a property that is owned by a city official.  More strangely on the city official’s property was what appeared to be a video surveillance camera aimed directly at my home.  When trying to film the camera it would blur my image.  I then walked back to the illegal connection and traced the second wire to find someone had wired something into my children’s room that we did not authorized and a splitter hidden close to the roof near one of the kids windows on the back of the home shown on the picture.  When disconnected the spliter and a loud beeping noise sounded from a home other than ours.  The local city authorities have not been of any help to me when called out about previous complaints of damage and missing items that occurred on my property, and so I told the last officer it suggest they may have a hand in some of this I don’t know.  I have been unemployed since April 2012 and unemployment has not issued me a payment in my 8th week of unemployment. My internet drags although I’m paying for AT&T Uverse and it seems my job applications are not getting to employers and someone is spoofing my incoming and outbound calls.  Strange things happen with every attempt to reach out for help with any of these issues.  I owe $87,000 to Fifth Bank and have been turned down four times in the past seven years of hardships and unemployment periods for help with keeping me and my children’s home, and our house payment of $673 per month on this 3 bedroom home is cheaper than most rent in Middle Tennessee. 

    As a young adult I was battered and had these items expunged prior to moving and starting my life over.  Some of my filed proof has been tampered with and removed, items copied and replaced with lighter illegible copies, and appear to be rewrote then copied.  I want to know who is doing this to me and why and I want the world to know about the dirty political officials in my city if they had any part in the planting of altered items placed in my home by unknown individuals.  Again, I do not know if it is FBI, Local City Officials, Locals thugs, or Someone looking to settle a score but they are hindering me from earning an income, paying my bills, supporting my children, and trying to build a negative image of me that is unjust and unfair.  I need HELP and just wont to share my story with the world.

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