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    Posted June 10, 2012 by
    Las Vegas, Nevada
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    What’s wrong with America’s school system?

    Funding, funding, and lack of funding

    The nature of the problems facing public education throughout this nation today stem from a catastrophic lack of funding and a sickening abundance of apathy.

    Classroom sizes are too large, teachers are not adequately incentivized, teachers unions promote seniority over quality, but above all there is not nearly enough funding at local or state levels for public education.

    It is simply cheaper to farm work overseas for $1 per hour than to educate our younger generations and employ them at a fair wage ... so who cares, its not good business ... at least that is how it seems.

    Parenting is atrocious as well ... far too many families are strapped for the means to provide for themeslves. As a result a large number of American families are forced to work multiple jobs (and in many cases both parents work) leaving children without proper levels of parental support / involvement. Further, many parents are afraid to say boo to their children when they act out or misbehave for fear of a CPS or 911 call from their errant children; kids with no respect for authority or adults does not lend to an optimal environment for scholastic achievement. Then of course we have the issues of poverty stricken and the dis-advantaged children who, through no fault of their own, must get by on very poor diets and in many cases suffer from malnutrition and neglect.

    We need America to CARE ... we NEED politicians to stop running this country like a business and run it like it is AMERICA. We must value our children above ALL ... they are our future. Provide ALL manner of funding for education at the cost of any and all other spending.

    Nothing matters more.
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