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    Posted June 10, 2012 by
    Washington DC

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    Mitt Romney's Promise to Iran: Definitely a Military Attack!


    Mitt Romney's Iran Strategy

    ”When Mitt Romney is president, Iran will understand that there is a “New Sheriff” in town and that his position is that the only thing worse than the U.S. using force would be for Iran to have nuclear weapons”, according to Richard Williamson, a senior foreign policy advisor to the Republican presidential candidate.

    In a wide-ranging foreign policy interview with Haaretz, Williamson blasted U.S. President Barack Obama’s “feckless and ineffective leadership” on both Iran and Syria, adding, “Iran knows there is no credible military threat from Barack Obama."

    "As Bismarck said: Diplomacy without a credible use of force is like music without instruments. And when Israel has talked about the range of options they may have to consider to protect their own interest, the Obama administration has done its best to make it difficult if not impossible for Israel to do what it must,” he added.

    However, the latest public survey shows that despite Romney’s aggressively supportive of Israel comments, American Jewish community still maintains its usual support for the Democratic Party.  A support that has only intensified in recent months.

    According to last Sunday’s article in Israeli newspaper, Jerusalem Post, the Gallup Poll results indicate that 64% of American Jews are already planning to vote for Obama in the upcoming elections, as opposed to only 29% in favor of Romney.

    American Jewish votes for Obama-Romney were 61%--28% just last March; when Romney had not yet been declared the final Republican candidate.

    American Jews have traditionally been Democrats and Obama’s hardliner opponents’ efforts to embellish on his middle name “Hossein” and continued insistence on his assumed Islamic roots, have not derailed the Jewish community from its Democratic tradition.


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