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    Posted June 12, 2012 by
    Fullerton, California
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    Bunheads Premiere

    I came across this new series Bunheads on ABC Family. It's about a Las Vegas showgirl named Michelle who has been shutting down this man named Hubble every time he asks her out. Hubble brings her flowers and shoes then asks her out to dinner but she declines again. Next time, he brings her flowers and a beautiful watch so she decides to go out with him for dinner.

    After a few drinks he tells her he wants to take care of her, that he loves her. He tells her he lives in Paradise in a house overlooking the ocean with the most beautiful view. Michelle barely knows this man and is taken aback at how sweet he is to her. Next thing she knows, she's waking up in his car with her head hanging out the window breathing the fresh air. She see's the ring on her finger, looks over at Hubble and sighs.

    Meanwhile, Hubble's mother, Fanny, is teaching her ballet class to a group of teenagers.

    When Michelle and Hubble arrive at his house Michelle is all smiles until she walks in, talk about clutter!! Seems Fanny lives with Hubble and likes to "decorate" with seemingly garage sale art. All over the house, all over the walls!

    Michelle is very upset when she learns Hubble didn't tell her his mother lives with him. Fanny screams when she finds out Hubble got married. Later, Fanny decides to invite her friends to a wedding party to meet Michelle. The party is pretty much a disaster for Michelle, she hears chatter of "I can't believe Hubble married a pole dancer". Too bad they don't know the true story, Michelle is an accomplished ballet dancer that she gave up to follow a friend to Las Vegas and "time just got away".

    Michelle had to get away from the party. She walked over to the ballet school, which is on the property. There were several of the teenager's there drinking beer. Michelle walks up and takes the beer away from them. One of the girls asks Michelle if she is really a pole dancer, Michelle tells them no, she's a showgirl. Then they start talking about auditioning and what it's like. Michelle takes them through the whole audition process. Fanny is watching at the door, smiling.

    Fanny and Michelle go out to a bar. They talk about their lives, Michelle learns Fanny was a solo ballet dancer, Fanny learns Michelle was a promising ballet dancer. They start getting along, they dance on the dance floor. Then Hubbles ex-girlfriend is standing there crying. Hubble was killed in a car accident.

    Michelle now owns a house by the ocean. She also has a houseguest, Fanny!

    I came across this show by accident tonight. I really really enjoyed it. If you're wondering why it's called Bunheads, ballet dancers wear their hair in buns.

    Be sure to watch this new series on ABC Family.
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