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    Posted June 13, 2012 by
    statesville, North Carolina
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    Should the rich pay more taxes?

    How to fix our tax code

    I believe that we should pay the highest taxes to local, followed by state and brought up from the rear by the federal government. I hold this belief for several reasons.
    1. I It is obvious that a local leader would have a better idea where his community both needs and wants to spend its money
    2. It is extremely wasteful to send taxes to the federal level where they then decide (based on their goals) how much, where and when these same funds are redistributed to states and localities. Often, by requiring those receiving the monies they or their direct constituents have paid to justify (paperwork) the receipt of their own monies back, the “system” places much of the monies in the hands of professional “justifiers” rather then actual projects.
    3. It is much simpler for constituents to have influence on those elected officials more local to them which intern insures true representation for taxation.
    4. Our constitution readily supports this principal and in fact the entire document it rife with ideas designed to spread rather then concentrate power
    5. Instead of 535 persons dictating to 308,745,538 other people each community would be more at liberty to direct its own destiny. This in turn would significantly limit the power of the wealthy, corporations and special interests to direct the course of national affairs by limiting their ability to influence (buy) votes simply by distributing the value of the vote over a significantly larger portion of our society.
    federal government. I hold this belief for several reasons.
    6. While we citizens would each still be liable for some federal spending as provided for in the constitution (defense) we would not be able to be held hostage for other funds which are often used to benefit a small minority. Obviously each locality could (and would) then be managed to best help its citizens achieve liberty and pursue happiness.
    7. Additionally should the 535 members of the house and senate wish to spend monies not provided for by the constitution they would be automatically required to request those funds from the states, and or local governments thereby ensuring that each individual citizen would have a much larger voice thru their vote then any of us currently have.
    While there are those persons who may not like the idea of the ability to move to a town with low taxes and no road maintenance the simple fact that no commerce can transpire without transportation would counteract any plan to create such a community. In actuality there would be high taxing areas with better or at least more services and lower taxation areas that would offer less. These differences would at this point be a matter of choice by vote of each local population. If however you really can not agree with the majority in your state or town you would still be free to move to one more aligned with your views. I for one would like to see an end to the constant political games and a return to true representation in this country again.
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