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    Posted June 13, 2012 by
    Jackson, Michigan
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    Janurary 5, 2014


    Nancy Grace,


    I am an innocent mother who followed all of the protocols’ directed by Lawyers, Law Enforcement, CPS and the Family Court. The abuse and neglect was substantiated by mandated reporters: A doctor and hospital reports with photos taken (of the children’s bruised genital areas) directed by CPS to the Police officer at Allegiance Hospital in Jackson, MI on June 14, 2010 that was never admitted into courts. Other professionals filed 3200 reports to CPS regarding abuse (a licensed in home therapist and a pre-school teacher) together with CPS documentation, and police reports, these witnesses/mandated reporters evidence were deemed not credible in order to suppress the evidence and photos were not allowed to be submitted into the courts. Due to the fact that I was going through a divorce from my second husband our children’s voices regarding abuse were discredited by Mr. Chmielewski’s lawyers portraying me as a disgruntled spouse from a recent divorce. The original case was based on theories and opinions against me resulting in a court decision that stated I made up the abuse allegations and “I was out to get my ex-husband.” Each time a 3200 report was filed I was notified/directed by CPS to take my children to a hospital for a medical exam and documentation. CPS stated that I must cooperate fully with their investigation or I would be in violation of the law, therefore I followed CPS’s procedures. After the sexual abuse was validated, CPS reversed their concerns and stated that I coached my children and the allegations were not true. In addition, after following CPS mandates to have the children physically checked over they stated I was shopping around for doctors. This contradicted the steps CPS required me to do after each episode of abuse was reported.

              CPS would often use coercive and bullying tactics under the pressure of Mr. Chmielewski’s attorney. CPS promised me repeatedly that they would keep my family together and reunite us, continued to accept false information (courts did not verify authenticity of information provided by Mr. Chmielewski’s attorney) that lead to my children’s removal from my care as a custodial parent. The allegations of abuse against my children were used as evidence to remove the children from my home, place them with their alleged perpetrators’, and eventually terminate my parental rights. CPS kept my family within the jurisdiction of the court for a substantial amount of time (over two years), not providing me information about my boys or letting me see them for 9 months. Later, allowing me to see my children for one hour per month under supervision. My legal counsel, Ron Fabian, instructed me to enter a plea of no consent to the jurisdiction of the court. I was instructed that this plea was not a plea that rendered a verdict of guilty but a neutral plea that would end the court process and put it back into Divorce court. I was also told that this plea would not result in any possible judgment that could lead to termination of my parental rights. In fact, I was reassured that I would get my custodial rights back faster if I followed thru with the plea and all of the (court)“services”. I DID NOT fully understand all of the ramifications of this plea. I was desperate to get my children back as they continued to be in harm’s way. An undisclosed consequence of this plea includes being listed on the Michigan’s Child Abuse Registry. The second undisclosed consequence of this plea was that the plea could be considered grounds for termination under Michigan law. If I had fully understood the ramifications of this plea I would not have agreed upon these terms. It appeared that legal counsels on both sides were making compromises that were not in the best interest of my children. Mr. Fabian then followed up with a discontinuation of services letter leaving me with no financial means to continue my fight for justice. A court-appointed attorney was then appointed who was not experienced in sexual abuse. It was apparent during the trial that hewas intimidated by CPS and his peers. The court allowed bits and pieces that were provided by Mr. Chmielewski’s attorney in comparison to my lawyer who basically filed required paperwork and scheduled court appearances. This case required expert counsel and a thorough investigation including admittance of evidence of abuse. The court never developed a full understanding of this complex case or exposed facts and documents by mandated reporters.
    Presently, my boys are now 5 years old -kindergarten & 7 years old-second grade.  I have had no contact with their teachers or information regarding academic performance, social stability, or developmental concerns. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t pray for the homecoming of my two little boys. My defenseless little boys were trying to reach out for help by telling the truth. It has been almost three long years of worrying, fighting for justice, and precious time lost that we can never get back. I have managed through my faith and strength not to give up. I have maintained my dignity and integrity as an innocent mother whose number one priority is for the safety and protection of my children. The Court of Appeals denied our case on October 17, 2013. My family, friends, and I are at a loss for words.

    Please let my boys have a voice and help advocate for their protection. Their lives have been torn apart and turned upside down. I am praying for the truth to surface to clear me, vindicate back my parental rights, and my little boys are returned home. My boys are greatly missed and loved very much by the rest our family, grandparents, siblings and friends. I or their older siblings have not seen them since February 4, 2013. Please review this case, allow the undisclosed evidence to be reviewed, to bring forth JUSTICE and protect my children.


    Amy Chmielewski

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