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    BO is Rapidly Losing Black Support in NC, We Don't Work for Him, He Works for Us, Put Obama on a Bus




    "Obama is Rapidly Losing Black Support in NC"  by Regina Conley, June 13, 2012


    Twenty percent of black voters in North Carolina would vote for Mitt Romney if the elections were today, according to a poll released Wednesday morning. Compare that to the 5 percent of black voters who voted for John McCain and what you have is a serious problem for President Barack Obama.

    Ever since Obama came out for gay marriage in early May, he has seen support rapidly drop among his most ardent advocates. Black parishes and communities across North Carolina have spoken out against Obama’s new creed because they find it incompatible with their Christian beliefs.

    President Obama has betrayed the Bible and the black church with his endorsement of same-sex marriage,” said Rev. Dwight McKissic of Arlington, Texas.


    Other preachers have admitted to feeling conflicted between their support for President Obama and his unacceptable policies.


    “I support my president and love my president, but I think he is wrong,” said Keith Ogden, a pastor of a black community in Asheville, North Carolina.

    Black voters tend to poll heavily against the legalization of gay marriage, a fact that was thrown into the political spotlight when black voters voted 2-1 for the North Carolina marriage amendment, which constitutionally defined marriage as between one man and one woman.


    Given these statistics, Obama took a serious risk of abandoning his base when he decided to advocate for gay marriage. What remains to be seen is whether or not overall dissatisfaction with Obama’s policies will actually manifest itself in a clear vote against him in November. It is one thing to express frustration with the Obama administration, but it is quite another to agree to put Mitt Romney in office instead.


    And it is clear that the majority of black voters are very conflicted on the issue. The Washington Post released an article last week that said that black voters would not refuse to support Obama just because of his approval of gay marriage. It quoted black pastors as taking an, “agree to disagree” stance on the issue.


    Black liberal activist Van Jones also alluded to a growing disapproval of the Obama administration at last week’s Netroots liberal activism conference in Rhode Island.


    “We have a quandary,” he said on Saturday. “We know we’re supposed to be fired up, and we know we’re supposed to be ready to go. But we’re pissed off! We’re mad. And we have reason to be. … Somebody said, ‘I feel like I’m caught between Barack and a hard place.’”


    But while a 20 percent drop in black support for Obama (95 percent to 75 percent) may not be significant enough to turn an election, it should be significant enough to grab Obama’s attention. Because what it means is that Obama cannot be sure that he can ride to victory based on sheer star power alone, he is going to need strong policies that please his base to carry him through.


    It also means that Obama cannot afford to underestimate the black population, because they are all too capable of calling his bluff and speaking out against his decisions when they find them to be wrong. In the words of Rev. Ogden, “He is not God, and he doesn’t speak for all black folk because he is African American.”


    And when it comes down to the voting booth in November, values and principles may turn out to be more important than skin color.




    YouTube:  "Repossess The American Way by Second Chance"  Published on Jun 5, 2012 by OpinionatedNewsNetwo


    Repossess The American Way -- Miller and McCain

    The letter came it was certified
    I signed my name and I looked inside
    It hit me hard what they had to say
    their were gonna take my home away
    Spoken: For failure to fulfill the terms of my mortgage

    I had to think of something fast
    I scrambled hard to get the cash
    But I was late by just one day
    they sold my home to Fannie Mae
    Spoken: Who had recently been bailed out by my tax dollars

    When it comes to bail out time
    the working man doesn't cross his mind
    I think its time that we protest
    Our way of life's been repossessed
    Spoken: Maybe its time we do some repossessing of our own


    We don't work for him, He works for us
    It's time to put Obama on the bus
    If we vote him out on election day
    We can repossess the American Way

    With cash for clunkers and Obama Care
    Won't let us drill for oil not anywhere
    You made the chevy people build the Volt
    Made sure the pipeline didn't get the vote
    Spoken: And now that gas prices are as high as your disapproval rating

    Soon a dollar wont be worth a dime
    Your social programs ought to be a crime
    Nothings working that you tried to push
    And you try to blame it all on Bush
    Spoken: And he hasn't been president in over 3 years now Chorus

    Spoken: Via Certified letter # 801-1151, President Barack Hussein Obama You are hereby notified that on January 20, 2013 pursuant to a mandate of the people you are ordered to vacate the property at 1600 Pennsylvania. The reason for this foreclosure is the failure to honor, follow, and respect the constitution of the United States of America.

    Hope you get what we're trying to say
    Let's repossess the American way
    Vote him out on election day
    Let's repossess the USA

    Copyright 2012 -lyrics, music, production, and performance:
    Doug Miller and Ron McCain

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