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    Are we the victims of terrorists, capitalists, religionists, communists and dictators?


    Are we the victims of terrorists, capitalists, religionists, communists and dictators?


    As we are not united, we will have the same problems. Different religionist and other heads of the schools will misuse all of us. And also they train us to be against each other, so we destroy actually by ourselves our power. We are 99% present or even more than that, but in reality some how we are misused as sort of slave in different categories. We fight with each other and we are joules with each other and we try also to misuse each other. We are trained to be indifferent or cruel. Look in the world, the dictators are killing the innocent people even the children and the great powers are in business with them. Their money still is good even they are killing the children on the streets or at home. That is the humanity now. Just business or?


    It is now clear that Stalin in the name of proletarian or communists have killed millions of people or sent them to the hell of ice to be destroyed? All of these were in the name of the school of communists. Stalin in his time was admired even by other people. The fear of communists let the capitalists kill and tease other people or? They beat and even killed the people, because they were sympathy to the communists or?
    And we know that in the name of God and different religions many people have been torched or killed. The Christians have been torched and killed in the time of Roman Empire before their emperor be a Christian. Religionists like other schools head make a lot of money and power by using different name of religions. So as see all of these is sort of shop that some people make a lot of money and powers and some lose everything they possessed. The problems of ignorance, prejudice, proud, hate, business, greed is combined with all of these school of thinking or the way of life. Nationalities and races are also two other factors that some people misuse them as a device to make huge capitals.


    It is also clear that in the past the Khans or kings or Kalif or the head of religions had thousand of beautiful wives and thousand of handsome boys who were castrate by powerful people to take care of their wives. They take out their testis or their cut their pennies so short that it can be used only to make pipi, so they make them safe to guard their wives and or they even misused them for fun and sort of homosexuality fun. Even now in the Middle Eastern countries the handsome poor boys are use for sex? They call it in Afghanistan Bache Bazi? As in the Middle East access to the females are more difficult than in the West, so the boys have chance to take their positions for a while?


    Most people in the Middle East are full of prejudice and hate and they are trained to be like this. The non believers hate the believers, the Moslem hate Bahais and the Bahais hate Moslems, the Shia hate Sunnis and the Sunnis hate Shia. The Kurds hate Turks and the Turks hate Persians and so on and on. It is clear that all people are not like this but a lot of people follow this passage. For example 10 young Bahai girls or women have been killed, their fault was that they were the teacher in the Bahai School? The Shia Moslem killed these ten beautiful young women or girls. Mona was just 17 years old and she accepted the death penalty and with singing Bahai songs went to the death place kissed the rope and hanged it around her neck. She was the last person have been killed, because she wanted to encourage other women or girls to be killed in the way of her beloved one. She prayed for all of them. That is just one example of the hate between religions Bahais and Moslems. They killed more than 200 Bahai innocent people and they were very cruel to them. But what the other Bahais or some of them did?
    Nasser was born in a family of two religions, Bahai and Islam. You can imagine that from childhood he should experience the hate between the flowers of these two religions. The Bahai religion is actually based on Shia Islam. Only it is modern and it is like Christianity. Something like the men and women are equal, the world should be united, the religions should be united, the Bahais should love everybody regardless to their religions, race and or nationalities, we should have universal house of Just, we should have one chosen language for the whole world, the religion and science should go hand in hand and not against each other, the religion is so long useful as it brings love and unity if it brings hate and disunity having no religion is much better. It respect all religions in the world and wants also harmony and unity between them. So far it looks good. The Bahais should be honest and do not cheat and say lie. But there is a deep hate between Bahais, some of them and Moslems and vise versa. Even the Bahais say they do not hate Moslem, but they cannot act to love all Moslems.


    Nasser had from very childhood the religion problems. He was only four years old as he by mistake said to his father Alah Abha. It is a Bahai greeting. He saw that his uncles say that as a greeting he thought it is fine. As his father was coming he run to him and told him Alah Abha. The poor father was shocked as his son greets him in a Bahai greeting. And he slapped the face of a four years old child. His uncle wanted to protest against the father, but the mother, who was very peaceful, did not let him to do. The poor father hits his own innocent son, because he married a Bahai woman? Nasser was with him as they went for Noruz feast to a rich Bahai family. The children of the Bahai family run to Nasser’s father and told him Alah Abha. Nasser thought now his father wills slapped their faces also. But instead of that he laughed at them and touched their head. Nasser was amazed why his father slapped him because he greeted him with Bahai greeting and did not do the same to other Bahai children. He asked that his mother, but she could not answer him.


    Nasser was more and less famous as a Bahai child, even the father did not let him to go to the Bahai schools on Fridays in Iran. The Moslem children fight with him. And he fights every day with them. His mother always told him that he should not make any relationship with them, but they did not need the permission of Nasser to fight with him. They were always two or three and through little stone and mud to Nasser. Nasser come ever day dirty home and his father told him; he should hurry and start his pray before it is late. Now the Bahai children tease him as he has to pray Arabic and loud for him for a long time. In the time that the Bahai children were playing in the garden of his house which his parent shared with other members of the family of his mother. Actually his Bahai uncle and aunts with their children were living there. Because his mother was working most of her children died. And he was the only child his mother could rescue. His aunt had eight children and his uncle had seven. But he was alone and the only child.


    As his mother was working, she had a good salary. His mother was the best child in her family. She studied and she had a governmental job. So she was richer that all her brothers and sisters. She had only one son, so she could spend more money for his clothes. So the Bahai children of his family were very jealous concerning him. His mother was the second wife of his father, so the father was not always home. So he had in reality not a full time father. But father came generally on the vocation to them. Or Fridays, holidays. Or some times also during the week. The younger uncle of Nasser was also like his mother a teacher and because Nasser had always very good clothes, he prefers to take him with himself. So that is other reason why his cousins were so jealous about him. Even in the time that there was a feast in the house, his cousins should not take part in, because their clothes were not good. But Nasser like a prince was well comes every where. Nasser thought actually that his uncle is his father, because he sees him more than the real father. One day his father asked him to fast in Ramadan. He fasted and went to school, but again the children fight with him and told him bad words about the Bahai religion and the prophet of it. Something like I shit on the …. Crystal box of the Abdolbah. Or I put tomato in the back of… and a lot of bad words and sexual words that I shy to write them here. They were four and he just lean on the wall that they cannot attack him from the back and continue to fight with them. A teacher came and sees that four boys are attacking one. He came and slapped the boys and take Nasser to the school office. He cleaned him and made a sweetened drink for him. And he gave the glass of sweet drink to Nasser. Nasser said very politely, Mr. Teacher I am fasten I cannot drink. Nasser told me his eyes were red and full of water. He said how cruel are these stupid kid that they are Moslem and not fastened and fight with a boy who is fasting Islamic fasting?


    As Nasser father was very Islamic, he trained his son to know all prayers in Arabic. In the class the teacher were amazed that a boy with a Bahai mother knows all Islamic prayers and laws. His father was training him to be a good Moslem to go to paradise.


    His father died also very early as he was in the nine grades his father died. He had to change his school, because now another name would be added to his name, Bahai dog child, without father. Or with a dead father. He should walk every day about three hours to go school and back. But he finished the school and university and had a good job in the government. Now it was difficult for him to marry. The Moslem girls were not eager to marry him, because his mother was Bahai and the Bahai girls did not want marry him, because he had Moslem family. So he married late and the girls who married him were mostly for his salary. After so called revolution, one of his best friends wrote a letter to the government that Nasser had a Bahai mother and he is in a good position to change the innocent Moslems to … so he had helped the friend with a lot of money and he sent that type of letter to the government. He had lost his job and he had no choice to leave the country, because without job he could not pay his costs.


    He went to the USA, but it is not so easy for a Middle Eastern person to get a good job here like he had in Iran. So after three years of trying and making paperwork and hiring attorneys, he could bring his family here. He trusted his younger sister and sent all his saving to her. Her Bahai husband thought may be he can be killed in Iran, because of Bahai religion and because his mother was Bahai. Or he cannot get the visa for the USA and come here or if he comes here, he cannot stay here. So he was not willing to give his all money back. He sent the money not one time, so they spend the money and bought expensive clothes and shoes and four cars and or expensive clothes for the 12 years old son of them.


    In Iran if your father is Moslem you are Moslem and who ever change your religion to other religion is responsible for that. He /she can be even killed for that. As the Nasser was in the court of revolution, they asked him who made him Bahai. He said I do not know much about Bahai. The Bahai asked him not to mention their name, because they will be in danger and he did it. He was persecuted also as a Bahai, and because he was not willing to write anything against Bahai, he was sent out of the work in Iran. Now in the USA his sister and her husband did not let him to come to them and he had to sleep on the street for three days. Until the seven day Adventist people helped him and give him a place a church to stay. His sister announced that he changed his religion to Christianity. After his family could come here after three years, they were expected a very rich father, may be richer than in Iran. After one year his wife wanted divorce and his son was angry with him, because he trusted his sister so much.


    His wife said to him, he will take the children for one year out until they will be used to this country and adjust them. But after one year she filed divorce. They moved out of his house which had been bought for them. Nasser had no other choice to bring roommate to pay the bills. He went to Iran to see what has happened to his house. His father in law who was the full authorities of his did not care about the house and the house was damaged. He did not cooperate with Nasser and let him to take his furniture what he could not sell to his brother to other city in Tehran. He would not give the paperwork to him until he did not empty the basement of the house of his daughter. They took all valuable materials gold and silver and gave the rest to him. As a Bahai they were not honest and misused the situation of his. Concerning that the Bahai are in a dangerous situation in Iran and they are so bad, you can imagine if they were in the same position as their Moslem counter parts what they could do. The cousin and Nasser Manucher and his wife Eshragh were very nice to him. Nasser thought they are real friend.


    So he gave full authorities this time to his cousin Manucher and went back to the USA. After seven years that he came back. Manucher and his wife changed totally. They were not nice to him any more and he was not willing to give the money of rent back to him, he spends the money and changes his house and his car and did everything nice and new. He put the car of Nasser on the street and the municipality took it. He could park the car in Nasser’s home, but he did not. He was cruel and indifferent with him and his belonging, he save the jack of the car and the spare tire of the car. What can Nasser do with those? He was so stupid or so joules. Again the Bahais were not honest and misused his trust and love and destroyed his materials. After that they started to say back biting also to save their own face. With these two examples you can see that the Bahai are not better as their friends Moslem, even in the time that they are under pressure and they are in dangerous situation. Nasser came back again to the USA, now the Bahai in the USA are the same to him. They ignore him and they do not care that he lost everything for the Bahai religion. May be they expect that he should be killed for the faith? So they could advertise that he had been killed for the faith. What I wrote is facts even some Bahais will be agree with this, but it is pure facts. So in the time that the Bahais in Iran are in such dangerous situation why other Bahais are so cruel to other people? They misuse the good name of good Bahais to make good business and money or? If all Bahais were flowing their own teaching, that was something but as you see they say just good words and not good action is coming after the good words.

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