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    Thanks to Redistricting no Good Sleazy Herb Wesson Oil, Will Soon be Removed From Office Too!


    At least one lawsuit likely as L.A. council district maps advance, The L.A. City Council moves forward on new district boundaries, but Koreatown activists — and even two council members — may sue.

    by David Zahniser, Los Angeles Times, June 14, 2012

    The Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday gave preliminary approval to new boundaries for its 15 voting districts, setting the stage for a legal battle with Koreatown activists and possibly two of its own members.

    The maps were passed on a 12-2 vote, over the objections of council members
    Jan Perry and Bernard C. Parks, who alleged that last-minute changes had been made without proper council review. Deputy City Atty. Harit Trivedi disputed that assertion, saying city engineers followed instructions given by the council three months ago.

    The council also voted 14-0 to pay an outside law firm,
    Remcho, Johansen & Purcell, up to $295,000 to defend the city if someone sues. Trivedi called the maps "legally defensible" but said city officials should have a legal team that can move quickly to prevent a judge from invalidating the maps in the months leading up the March election, when eight council seats will be up for grabs.

    A successful challenge could "impact the 2013 elections, which is why we need outside counsel on board and ready to go," he told the council.

    The once-a-decade redistricting process played out over the last 10 months, exposing bitter divisions among the
    council's three African American members — Parks, Perry and Herb Wesson, the council's president. The effort also revealed simmering political discontent in Koreatown, where some civic leaders said they want their community removed from Wesson's district and moved into one where they had a greater chance of electing an Asian candidate.

    Perry and Parks threatened two months ago to sue over the maps, saying more affluent neighborhoods and institutions were stripped from their districts. Perry saw most of downtown moved into
    Councilman Jose Huizar's district, while Parks lost USC and other areas.

    "They're playing reverse Robin Hood —
    stealing from the poor and giving to the rich," said Parks' chief of staff, Bernard Parks Jr.

    Koreatown civic leaders have tapped the law firms of
    Akin Gump and Bird Mirella, which agreed to take on the case pro bono if the redistricting ordinance is approved. Hyongsoon Kim, an attorney with Akin Gump, said the boundaries were drawn "primarily for racial reasons, and that is not allowed under the federal Constitution."

    Wesson disputed that assertion, saying through a spokesman that "the city has followed the law at every turn."

    "Race was never a predominant factor in our proceedings," Wesson spokesman
    Ed Johnson said.

    A final vote on the maps is set for next week.
    Chief Assistant City Atty. Pete Echeverria told council members that a legal challenge is "almost a certainty."


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    MAP: How L.A. City Council districts are changing


    Elected Black Leaders and Other U.S. born Blacks, are Responsible for Oppressing U.S. born Blacks Too!

    In Many Instances Other than Capital Punishment Cases, Law Abiding Blacks Are Violated by Government

    Congresswoman Waters and other CBC Members Only Bring Up the Constitution When They Need Help!



    Squabbling, Sellout Elected Black Leaders, the Chickens have Come Home to Roost!


    Sleazy no good LA City Councilman Herb Wesson Oil: At City Hall the Handouts Just Keep Coming!


    Elected Black Leaders, such as Los Angeles City Councilman Herb Wesson, etc., etc., are Clueless as to the Essence of What it Means to be an Elected Official!


    Sellout Herb Wesson and the Special Interest Feeding Frenzy at City Hall

    Posted on by Ron

    Renovated at a cost to taxpayers of more than $300 million just a few years ago, City Hall is an LA landmark that would bring a handsome price on the open market with all its gold leaf adornments and self-cleaning executive toilets.

    What is so pathetic is how the politicians and the puppets they appoint to commissions that are supposed to protect the interests of the public sell out City Hall so cheaply.

    Take next month’s 15th annual LA Political Roast organized by lobbyists Arnie Berghoff and Harvey Englander along with their own private Councilman, Harvey’s nephew Mitch.

    With individual tickets to the banquet at the Beverly Hilton running $500, Fat Cat tables $5,000 and Power Broker tables $10,000, it is going to be SRO with 1,200 guests — just about everyone in town who one way or another makes a buck off taxpayers backs will be there.

    Sponsors boast it’s a hot ticket because the economy is improving. It’s a sign of the times alright but it has nothing to do with the state of the economy with unemployment and poverty in LA at historically high levels.

    It has everything to do with who is the roastee — Herb Wesson, the comedic peddleer put in charge of the City Council to smite anyone who might get in the way of the feeding frenzy under to way to cash in on what’s left of the public wealth before the bills come due on the watch of the next mayor who will inherit the mess Antonio’s leaving behind.

    The cover story of this event — the largest political event of the year in LA — is the profits go to the American Diabetes Assn., as worthy a cause as the organizers are unworthy.

    Wesson is the architect of the cynical redistricting plot now being carried out to make it absolutely certain that every candidate for city office anointed by the special interests who own the City Hall machine will be 100 to 1 favorites to beat any honest citizen who actually thinks holding public office is about public service — not self-service.

    As president of the Council, Wesson not only robbed his two fellow black Council members — Jan Perry and Bernard Parks – of critical parts of their districts but the key chairmanships where she tried to protect ratepayers from being robbed by the DWP and he carried out a lonely war for fiscal responsibility.

    To close the deal, Wesson has pushed the Ethics Commission to approve on Thursday lifting the limits on campaign contributions by more than 100 percent — from $500 to $1,100 for city council candidates, and from $1,000 to $2,200 for citywide campaigns

    The phony excuse to do this is the US Supreme Court ruling that open the floodgates to Super PACs funded by corporations and super-PACs so higher limits in local elections will keep them competitive.

    It’s hard to think of a bigger lie than that but you can bet Wesson will tell one soon enough. Clearly, he’s a guy who should be on truth serum day and night because city elections are as competitive as those in the old Soviet Union — outsiders hardly stand a chance because nearly all the money from developers, contractors, unions and the clients of lawyers, lobbyists and all the other operatives living off City Hall business go to the candidates anointed by the political machine.

    With its leftist perspective, the Daily Kos warned raising contribution limits “will further dilute the ability of young, minority female and progressive candidates to run for office.”

    The same can be said of just about everybody else as the Ethics Commission declared four years ago — before it was totally corrupted like every oversight body: “Raising contribution limits seems to disproportionately benefit incumbents, who already raise and spend more on campaigns than non-incumbent candidates.”

    For all its hollow talk and empty promises about democracy and concern for the poor and its condemnation of the rich, City Hall has done more to widen the gap between rich and poor in this town than just about any government body in this country.


    I'm one of multiple U.S. born descendants of slavery who won't miss the removal from public service or public office,  and/or  the disbarring from practicing law of Chicago Cutthroat and Despot President Barack Obama, treasonous no good U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Congresswoman Karen Bass, Congresswoman Maxine "Kerosene" Waters, other members of the Congressional Black Clueless....A.K.A. the Congressional Black Caucus, 2nd District Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark "Little Napoleon" Ridley Thomas, 10th District Los Angeles City Councilman Herb "Wesson Oil" Wesson, 9th District Los Angeles City Councilwoman Jan Perry, 8th District Los Angeles City Councilman Bernard Parks, Los Angeles Superior Court Clerk Delores Odom Stocks, Attorney Sherrice Francis, etc., etc.


    Reading with comprehension is fundamental. It is useless to discuss any issue with the uninformed, or individuals who possess university degrees, but who are still dysfunctional.


    Be it university educated or not, some Black people are so busy blaming Caucasians for everything, calling them racists with or without proof, etc., etc., that he or she fail to face reality, he or she fail to read with comprehension to separate fact from fiction, or overlook the reality that some of our own black people are also directly responsible for oppressing law abiding U.S. born descendants of slavery.
    CCP Section 209

    On April 25, 2012, I had to report for jury duty, no later than 7:45 AM, or face penal code prosecution for failure to report for jury service.

    In Department 124, the 13th floor of the Criminal Courts building, at 210 W. Temple, Los Angeles, CA, while sworn under oath, and recorded by the court reporter, before Judge Monica Bachner, I had a brief opportunity to share some of my experiences when questioned about any financial hardship issues, etc., that may make it difficult to appear for jury duty. I stated under oath that the LADWP continues to hold all my earned retirement benefits without cause, and the City of Los Angeles also blocked me from receiving deferred compensation earnings I have been saving over the years.

    Property in One's Labor by Adam Smith


    "The property which every man has in his own labour, as it is the original foundation of all other property, so it is the most sacred and inviolable. The patrimony of a poor man lies in the strength and dexterity of his hands; and to hinder him from employing this strength and dexterity in what manner he thinks proper without injury to his neighbour, is a plain violation of this most sacred property. It is a manifest encroachment upon the just liberty both of the workman, and of those who might be disposed to employ him. As it hinders the one from working at what he thinks proper, so it hinders the aothersa from employing whom they think proper. To judge whether he is fit to be employed, may surely be trusted to the discretion of the employers whose interest it so much concerns. The affected anxiety of the law–giver lest they should employ an improper person, is evidently as impertinent as it is oppressive."

    ....Property rights are your most important right, the foundation of all other rights, which makes it criminal for any government entity to unlawfully deprive any U.S. citizen of earned property without good cause.
    The fact that the City of Los Angeles unlawfully interferred with my property rights caused me to max out credit cards to provide the necessities of life, and other necessary goods or services, which gave rise to Los Angeles Superior Court Case 10K18049 and the demur, Judge Steven Kleifield being the Judge of the Court for this matter, the same issue to which inept and dysfunctional Deputy Court Clerk Delores Odom Stocks wrongfully signed a default court judgment at my expense.





    I also stated that although I'm innocent, I was convicted on February 16, 2012, in Department 52 (case #1CA17487, Judge Yvette Verasteque) at this same Criminal Courts building.

    I stated under oath that there is no black civil machinery in the 10th Los Angeles City Council District, the 2nd Los Angeles County Supervisorial District, the 33rd Congressional District, etc., etc.



    CALIFORNIA CONSTITUTION, ARTICLE 1, DECLARATION OF RIGHTS, SEC. 3. (a): The people have the right to instruct their representatives, petition government for redress of grievances, and assemble freely to consult for the common good.





    I mentioned the fact that my Mom, Mrs. Esther M. Lofton attempted to petition 10th District Los Angeles City Councilman Herb Wesson's office (1819 S. Western Avenue) in my behalf and she was subsequently arrested by the LAPD at Herb Wesson's office and jailed by the LAPD at the 77th precinct station (October 7, 2011) as recommended by Los Angeles City Herb Wesson et al.









    My Dad, Leon E. Lofton, Jr., is an honorably discharged disabled draftee and "purple heart recipient of WWII. Both of my parents are university graduates.




    I have a clean record and no criminal history. I'm also a Pepperdine University graduate.




    (The LAPD would not make this arrest without a signed "Citizen's Arrest" from Councilman Herb Wesson's District Office Staff, John Harmon.) It is certain that John Harmon obtained the approval from Councilman Herb Wesson before taking personal responsibility for this act.


    In the event any long standing Federal, State, and County property taxpaying law abiding U.S. born descendant of slavery petition President Barack Obama, Congresswomen Maxine Waters, Karen Bass, 2nd District Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas, 10th District Los Angeles City Councilman Herb Wesson, 8th District Los Angeles City Councilman Bernard Parks, etc., etc., to uphold his or her oath of office to respect and uphold the U.S. Constitution in behalf of a law abiding U.S. born descendant of slavery wrongfully violated by government, President Barack Obama, Congresswoman Maxine Waters and/or other Congressional Black Caucus members play games of deceit, use false pretences to hold office, ignore valid petitions for redress, refuse to respect and uphold the Constitution, the response is unethical or meaningless, the elected official (Councilman Herb Wesson) will use his or her authority to have you arrested and jailed, have no bearing on the serious issues presented (in contrast Senator Diane Feinstein actually corresponds in a manner that is appropriate to the serious issues presented), etc., etc.


    Michael Lofton

    PS: (Hypertext is linked to testimony, correspondence, court cases, and other supportive evidence.)


    I commend you, Marvin Stewart, former Board Director of the Minuteman Project and other Minutemen, for your understanding of a most important function of all elected officials and the duty of elected officials to respect the Constitution and his or her oath of office when serving U.S. citizens and legal immigrants.

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