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    Posted June 16, 2012 by

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    Why do white collar criminals, especially banksters, have so little to worry about in the USA?


    Why do white collar criminals, especially banksters, have so little to worry about in the USA? By   Richard Clark   opednews.com  Ponder the ongoing spectacle of thousands of unindicted bank fraudsters roaming free and enjoying the fruits of their crimes.   Former S&L investigator and prosecutor William K. Black testifies as follows in the video linked below :    By 2006 there were 2 million liar's loans being made every year, half of them by the nation's biggest banks, yet there have been very few attempts to prosecute any of the senior bank officers or mortgage loan officers who have been directly responsible for the origination of these millions of fraudulent loans.   The S&L crisis of the 1980s was 1/70th as large, but there were 1000 felony convictions and a 90% conviction rate with regard to the prosecutions that were carried forward, after many thousands of criminal referrals were made by regulatory agencies which at that time were adequately staffed and not controlled by the institutions they were supposed to regulate.   Yet following our recent mortgage and banking crisis, our nation's regulatory agencies have made zero criminal referrals.   As a result, there has been no real investigation of any of these large entities (banks & mortgage companies)  whose frauds drove and caused the crisis that this country has gone through  and which has not yet finished taking its immense toll. America's largest banks issued millions of fraudulent mortgages many of which were then sold downstream to government-backed guarantor Fannie Mae.   By 2006, 1/3rd of home loans made that year were liar loans.   In liar loans, new evidence shows that the incidence of fraud by banking officers is 90%, which is to say that lenders and their agents were overwhelmingly the ones who put the lies into those liar loans.   Fully 75% of nontraditional loans made by our biggest banks were liar's loans.   Therefore hundreds of these banks and their senior officers should now be facing prosecution, yet none of these top officers at these banks have yet been indicted.   Why is this?   Could it have something to do with the fact that these banks are currently allowed to contribute many millions of dollars to the political campaign funds of our presidential and congressional candidates seeking re-election?   You be the judge after watching the video linked  here  , which consists of an interview with former S&L investigator and prosecutor William K. Black. SOURCE:   http://www.opednews.com/articles/Why-do-white-collar-crimin-by-Richard-Clark-120614-178.html

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