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    The Obama Roundup - June 16th


    In case you missed it, here is the latest Roundup of news about President Barack Obama.

    Mr. Romney:

    If  you sat through President Obama's 50-something-minute economic address  this afternoon, you didn't hear much in the way of new themes or  proposals. But you did hear Obama refer to his Republican opponent as  "Mr. Romney" on eight separate occasions, and that is somewhat new.

    A  search on both the White House website and Nexis shows that, prior to  today, Obama had spoken of "Mr. Romney" a total of just eight times  since the start of 2011, and seven of them came over the past month.

    It's  a small and fairly inconsequential change, but surely a deliberate one.  "Governor Romney" communicates an innate credibility and legitimacy  that "Mr. Romney" lacks. Hell, every man in the country is a mister.  They're nothing special. The guy who walked out of a stall and left the  bathroom without washing his hands is a mister. That guy who fell asleep  on the subway with his mouth open is a mister. "Mr. Romney" is just  another dude.


    Oops! Moment:

    Amid  the bustle of President Obama’s surprise stop for barbecue Wednesday  the White House apparently overlooked one key detail: the bill.

    The bill for the president and his four guests was $55.58, but was left unpaid at the point of sale, according to pool reports.

    The White House corrected the oversight and settled up the tab by the end of the business day.


    World Trade Center:

    With  the under-construction One World Trade Center fast approaching its  final height, President Barack Obama visited the New York tower Thursday  to get an update on its growth and help prepare one of the finishing  touches.

    "It looks beautiful," the president said to first lady  Michelle Obama as they stood at a window on the 22nd floor and looked  down on the National September 11 Memorial and Museum being built below.

    "We couldn't be prouder of you guys," Obama told them. "This is what the American spirit is all about."

    According to reporters at the scene, Obama wrote on the steel beam: "We remember we rebuild we come back stronger! Barack Obama"


    Royal Call:

    U.S.  President Barack Obama spoke with Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah on  Thursday, the White House said, but gave no details of what subjects  their conversation touched upon.

    "The two leaders reaffirmed the  strong and enduring bilateral relationship between the United States and  Saudi Arabia, and discussed a range of issues of mutual interest as  part of their ongoing consultations," the White House said in a short  statement, which officials declined to expand upon.


    Hobnobbing With Stars:

    Legendary  singer Aretha Franklin gave details Thursday night on the  celebrity-studded fund-raiser held for the president at actress Sarah  Jessica Parker's Manhattan home.

    Franklin especially elaborated  on the fashion at the event, namely the outfits donned by Parker and her  co-host Anna Wintour, editor of Vogue magazine.

    "Certainly Ms.  Wintour was dressed very appropriately for the weather–a very cool and  very smart two piece that was accented with a red beading," Franklin  told reporters. "And I love Ms. Parker’s French roll, it was...really  slick and smooth. She was very gracious, very gracious."

    As for  President Barack Obama, Franklin, who sang at his inauguration, said she  was a "big fan" of the president but said she left before he began  speaking.

    "He wasn’t talking, he was just taking pictures when I went in," she said.

    She  later added: "I really believe in him, I think that he is very  concerned about all people, and uh, that I like. Yeah. A lot of hard  work to do, but he’s working – they’re working."


    President  Barack Obama used a pair of fund-raisers in New York Thursday to  further the message he laid out in a speech earlier in the day in Ohio,  painting the November election as a choice between two starkly different  visions for the United States.

    "What  we're going to have to do is present the choice," Obama told a group of  supporters at the home of actress Sarah Jessica Parker, according to a  pool report. "You're the tie-breaker, you're the ultimate arbiter."

    "The  other side will spend over a billion dollars on ads that tell you the  economy is bad, that it is my fault," Obama said. "That's what the scary  voice in the ads will say. That's what Mr. Romney will say … That may  be their plan to win the election, but it is not a plan to create jobs."

    The  first of two campaign events Thursday night took place at Parker's  townhouse with actor Matthew Broderick, where the president addressed a  star-filled room of enthusiasts who each paid $40,000 to attend,  according to an Obama campaign official.

    Obama  and Michelle Obama also attended a dinner at Manhattan's Plaza Hotel  later Thursday night, at which singers Mariah Carey and Alicia Keys  performed. The some 250 guests paid $10,000 each to bear witness to what  the first lady said "qualifies as date night in the Obama household."

    "You  have to multiply yourselves," Michelle Obama told the Plaza crowd, as  reported by the pool. "I'm going to be out there. I'm going to be out  there as much as possible with as much passion and as much conviction as  this little body can muster up."


    GLBT Cheerleader:

    President  Barack Obama rallied a crowd of members in the LGBT community on  Friday, telling the group they not only had a "friend" in the Oval  Office but a "fellow advocate."

    "Together we've stood resolute,  unwavering in our commitment to advance this movement and to build a  more perfect union," Obama said.

    "After decades of inaction and  indifference, you have every reason and right to push loudly and  forcefully for equality," Obama said. "But three years ago I promised  you this, I said that even if it took more time that I would like, we  would see progress, we would see success, we would see real and lasting  change, and together that's what we're witnessing."

    "Americans  may be still evolving when it comes marriage equality," he said, nodding  to his previous position on same-sex marriage. "But as I've indicated,  personally, Michelle and I have made up our minds on this issue."


    Whose Economy?:

    Edward Lazear thinks it is time to start blaming the slow recovery on President Obama’s policies.

    “The  economy achieved almost 4% growth in three consecutive quarters  beginning in late 2009. By spring of 2010, there was reason to believe  that we were on our way back. Then something happened. Starting in July  2010, the economy slowed and we sank to rates that are below our 30-year  average of 3.1% and are too low to propel a proper recovery… The  logical conclusion is that what has happened since 2010 is a result of  more recent policies, not ancient ones. In recent years, the strategy  has been to emphasize short-run gimmicks and social goals rather than  policies that could have produced economic growth and jobs.”

    “Rather  than stick with more of the same, we should adopt a different strategy  from those that seem to be driving us back toward an ever-weakening  economy. Policies should include moving to a tax structure that creates a  positive climate for investment, an aggressive trade agenda to open our  markets and those of other countries to more goods and services, a more  cautious view of business-killing regulation, and attention to the  rapidly growing debt.”


    Dissin' The Prez:

    President  Barack Obama did not respond kindly Friday to an interruption during  his Rose Garden announcement of new immigration rules, telling the man  shouting that it was neither the time nor the place to field questions.

    The  reporter, who was wearing a temporary press badge, was identified as  Neil Munro from the conservative website the Daily Caller. He later told  CNN, "I have to ask the questions you all won't ask," referring to the  reporters gathered who regularly cover the White House.

    "Excuse me sir, it is not the right time for questions sir," Obama said as Munro shouted questions. "Not while I'm speaking."

    "The  next time I prefer you let me finish my statements before you ask your  question," Obama said later in his remarks. "I didn't ask for an  argument, I'm answering your question."

    Munro asked Obama, "What  about American workers who are unemployed while you employ foreigners,"  suggesting the policy change would lead to the employment of illegal  immigrants.

    "Here's the reason: because these young people are  going to make extraordinary contributions, and are already making  contributions to our society," Obama replied at the end of his remarks.  "I've got a young person who is serving in our military, protecting us  and our freedom. The notion that in some ways we would treat them as  expendable makes no sense. If there is a young person here who has grown  up here and wants to contribute to this society, wants to maybe start a  business that will create jobs for other folks who are looking for  work, that's the right thing to do."


    From  the Cornfield, Mr. Munro was definitely in the wrong and disrespectful  to the President. Mr. Munro is not what good journalists are all about.

    In case you missed it on your favorite news channel, news site or newspaper, that is the latest Obama Roundup.

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