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    Posted June 17, 2012 by
    Thessaloniki Greece
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    What does it mean to be Greek?

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    Greece, Elections and the Moment of Truth: Happening Now

    Under a very warm summer day, here in Greece, Greek nationals are called upon, today on June 17th, to vote for a second time within a period of a month and a half.

    At this second round of elections, electorates are called upon to vote again. Yet, this time in the hope that:

    A. A new government will be formed. A political party or political parties will jointly decide for the creation of a coalition government, while a the same time a government program is jointly decided for the very next day of elections to run and overturn Greece’s degrading financial and social posture.

    B. the government formed will lead Greece in a better fiscal and social status than the current one. It will either re-negotiate existing fiscal austerity measures with the IMF and the European Central Bank, or decide to implement most or all existing new austerity measures that are to be implemented and that await Greeks to receive. The amount of new austerity measures that wait to be applied totals more than 11.6 billion Euros of cut backs and new taxation facing both the public and the private sectors.

    Voting polls welcome nation-wide Greek nationals to vote from 07:00 am and are to close by 07:00pm. At 19:00pm the first exit polls are to be publicly published.
    The positive side of things is that elections in Greece provide the opportunity to Greeks to escape on a Sunday away from their houses as not everyone votes at the place or residency. Others use it to enjoy a nice and sunny day.

    While however, the North of Greece things seem to be very “comfortable” as aforementioned, allowing people to vote and then drive to the closest beach for a swim on a Sunday summer day, the nation’s capital, Athens, seems to be shadowed again by serious incidents that unlike in the past, this time are been ran out by a blazing fire around and in the end of the capital. The ongoing fires have been going on since the night of June 16th burning more than 20.000 square meters of natural forest, while burning a dozen houses. Presumably some say that this may affect the reaction of voters around and inside those areas that may also be valuable amount of votes for the creation or creation of a coalition government.

    The scenarios for elected parties or which ones will be the ruling ones vary. Yet, we can already count for the following clues.

    1. These are the already inside the parliament parties: New Democracy and Syriza will count for the first two positions, followed by PASOK, KKE (Communist Party), Democratic Left and Independent Greeks as well as the
    Golden Dawn.

    2. There is an important clue. We do not know whether The Creation Again of Thanos Tzimeros will be joining in the parliament. In such case that he gets in then possibly will play a pivotal role to the new possibly coalition government elected and this in the case that New Democracy is the runner up.

    3. In case that Syriza is the runner up then according to the numbers we are to see special meetings with a variety of parties mostly from the left to try and form a coalition government.

    4. PASOK and New Democracy are to see a very important change in their political party memberships policies and affiliated people. A re-formation of their parties will occur.

    By this time New Democracy seems to be reaching its goals representing the current EU policies while Syriza representing as Mr. Tsipras stated this morning “the new hope for a true European Integration” .

    Stakes are high. In the Eurozone but also in Greece and the world. By this time tomorrow on Monday 18th, we shall now whether, Greece will be looking at its Euroexit from the Eurozone, rendering the stock markets vulnerable, as in case Syriza gets elected first, markets shall slump. Syriza represents a possible exit method from the IMF and EU loans the least to re-negotiate. New Democracy represents the existing measures and hope for European decisions application. and the question is will we maybe go for a third election? or third way?
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