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    Posted June 17, 2012 by
    Thessaloniki Greece
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    What does it mean to be Greek?

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    Greece and the next day: Immediate elections news coming in

    Dr. Marios Efthymiopoulos
    President Strategy International
    Fr.Scholar Center for Transatlantic Relations
    Johns Hopkins University SAIS

    If one would watch Greek public or private television or listen to the radio, while votes are being counted for, he/she would probably would not understand what is going on.

    This article will attempt to clarify some few things that need to be clarified.

    It will be short as it won’t otherwise be clear to the reader.

    1. There is no way that a single party forms a government. A coalition government should be formed.

    2. The first party elected possibly New democracy needs to get enough parliamentary members in in order to safe guard a government through coalition with the third party, PASOK.

    3. PASOK has requested the second party Syriza to come along to the government under a government of unity. This comes as a decision from Pasok as the estimate is that Syriza should realize how a country is governed.

    4. Rise of the Golden Dawn Party or sustainment of the percentage. Claiming that a right wing party should bring balance against the left. If it wants to remain in parliament should either change their perspectives or lose in the long-term.

    The first party leader will resume talks this week for a coalition government. If he avoids to hodl a government with the third of fourth party, (being Pasok and Independent Greeks) then there will be no possibility of a coalition government.

    5. If so The second party in rule, Syriza will attempt to form a government. But it won’t be able to meet the credited 151 seats for a majority rule in parliament. Syriza and Democratic left will have to join forces with independent Greeks, but also Pasok. Pasok will at this instance request a unity government.

    6. Syriza will fail. Pasok will request a unity government and will fail.

    7. All other parties shall fail under the unity flag unless the independent greeks of Democratic left are allow to form case by case coalition government with parties (which has no percentage of success that a 0.5%)

    By now all understand here in Greece that things will not settle soon enough. I stated in the past that we are facing a long-lasting political instability of political parties but also values.

    It is now proposed the following issues:

    A. a new third way euro-atlantic party should be created that will boost a balance between major European oriented parties.

    B. New and young people with credentials and credibility should be put forward.

    Polls show that the majority of young votes went to syriza.

    A Reminder: young voters are lower than 50. Mostly at the productive levels of age. As such unless they want Syriza to remain there for the long-term, as its dynamism shows this, then a new party or existing party with young European oriented experienced people should come forth.

    C.Greece should put an end to the exit or not exit. Stability, Credibility and long-term perspective should be established. Greece, needs to be rebuild from the beginning.

    This is a crisis of ethical and moral values not anymore only a fiscal crisis. Now there is a need for hope.

    And hope will be near at the very moment were young people along with robust and experienced people decide to move along a new path of training, know-how training and a large scale re-evaluation of alliances and creation of a new strengthened long-term gradual construction development framework and a specialization framework of exports, imports, services and education.

    To sum up. A long-night for Greece and more importantly a long-week yet again from Greece and Greeks.

    It will also be a long and unstable week for the stock markets...

    It is estimated that it will be a long-week for the international news coming in.

    Things will change over and over again. All this, in the shadow of constant Mediterranean changes fiscal, political but also security wise (looking at the Middle east, in syria). At the very time were solutions for all issues are requested.
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