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    Posted June 17, 2012 by
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    What does it mean to be Greek?



    I have been living in Greece for the past 18 years after moving from Canada.(the biggest mistake of my life but there was no turning back) In the beginning It was easier getting used to the climate then the way of life. Of course through the years and after the Olympic games Greece became a bit more human and I would say a bit more modern in most aspects.

    Overnight Greece became a third world country. I have been unemployed for almost 2 years now and not being able to find work, no one wants to hire someone over 40 we are considered too old to insure and the ones that are hiring, are only hiring under illegal terms and only if you are between 20-25.
    Except for the low wages they are offering for longer hours of work, they refuse to fully insure the employees (and that is illegal). There are people that work and are NOT getting paid for what they are doing. AND THE GOVERNMENT WONT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. Others work more then 8 hour shifts and the company only insures them for half of that. (that is also illegal) AND THE GOVERNMENT WONT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. Under the painfully austerity measures people with no income are also made to pay taxes through their hydro bill or else they would have their electricity cut off . If it wasn't for my family helping out I would have been out on the street. Greece’s past and present governments were nothing but a big fiasco. There is no real government never was and never will be. They made laws but never defended them. The crisis of course made things really bad and now with the new party into parliament things will be even worse since there is no renegotiating the memorandum that was signed by them and I’m sure that at this moment Greece’s lenders are having a party and Mrs Merkel is cheering up and down . I am forced to leave and move back to Canada, I don’t know what life has in store for me there but at least if I work I will get paid. If work I will be insured. I don’t mind paying my taxes what ever those may be but at least my children will be able to attend decent schools if they get ill they will have proper medical care and I won’t have to pay under the table as the majority of people have to here in Greece which is a rule and not an option .

    Your question about what does it mean to be a Greek: my answer to you is Sad very sad.
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