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    Posted June 17, 2012 by
    Watertown, New York
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    Americans are Waiting for Justice- No Rules for Corporations, Just for People?


    Americans are waiting for justice. They know what lead to the downturn and know how to fix it..at least some of us do. The others that don't? Well, they believe by getting rid of regulations on corporations and giving more tax breaks to the wealthy, that will fix our economy.
    Has trickle down worked?

    Did corporations act responsibly when they had less rules than they do now?
    We've tried that way of jump starting our economy. It didn't work.
    Look across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe. Is their austerity creating jobs?
    When is the best time to cut the deficit? Many say when the GDP is growing. Government's borrowing costs are low right now.With the World in turmoil, people and countries look for safety. It's funny that Republican leaders don't see that.
    They say there's uncertainty.
    The uncertainty comes from the lack of clear rules for everyone..for people and since our Supreme Court now views corporations as people these rules should apply to them as well. Corporations are not people.


    When you have money, you can buy legislation that favors you. You can donate to the campaigns of candidates that are willing to see things your way..for a few bucks.
    Isn't America great?
    The middle class is left wishing that they had the money good representation costs these days.
    All you have to do to see the state of affairs in America, nowadays, is to look at what Romney calls his SuperPAC- "Restore Our Future".
    Is Romney and other rich libertarians, like the Koch's," future in question"? Maybe.
    That will depend on whether President Obama is re-elected. He believes in a fair shot, a fair shake, shared prosperity and shared sacrifice. People like the Kochs, do not.

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