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  • Posted June 17, 2012 by
    Danforth, Maine

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    New OnStar Install for Suicidal War Veterans?


    That is a very strange title for a veteran like me, who is no longer suicidal, but I once was, years ago.


    And the OnStar rep told me that if I was sleepy, I could talk to them to help stay awake. So it occurred to me that if a recently returned war vet was feeling suicidal, they could call their OnStar rep while driving and have someone to talk to,


    My first choice for a CNN iReport title was, “New OnStar, Old Van + Old Man.” LOL


    Either way, for anyone who can squeeze $18 a month out of their monthly budget for the OnStar monthly service fee, it's a good idea, AS IT IS NOW ON SALE AT BEST BUY FOR $99.


    Last Christmas, it was $300 for the product and install fees. Now, it is down to $99, on any older vehicle.


    It's merely a rear view mirror, completely equipped with an antenna and a speaker/microphone, which can fit in to any older vehicle made in the USA.


    If you are sick and old as I am, or live in a very rural area where cell signals are intermittent, it is a good deal. And even if you only occasionally foray out to the dessert or mountains to recreate, it is a good idea. How many stories have we read this year about people who were stranded in the mountains or the dessert, dying because they couldn't get help?


    How about those people who crash their cars, off the freeway, where the police don't easily see them, and often die before they get help. OnStar has an automatic emergency notification that let's the supervisor know if your car has been in an accident. If you've passed out with a stroke or a heart attack, and crashed, OnStar will automatically call 911 and give them your satellite location. NOT A BAD SAFETY ITEM, almost like having a second seat belt, or an extra air bag, I guess.


    Plus, if you're being car jacked, or harassed by your ex, or stalked by an angry motorist, no need to find your cell phone while driving. Just push the red button on your rear view mirror, talk, and you've got help.


    The voice is very loud and I had to turn it down to make it easier on my ears. So if your windows are open with a lot of noise, I can assure you that you will be able to hear the OnStar rep.


    I purchased 300 free telephone minutes for $9.99, which I can use in a year. There are other telephone options, including, $14.99 a month for unlimited calling minutes. You get your own phone number, and people can call you, ALL HANDS FREE, with nothing on your ear, and no phone to touch, except to push the phone icon button and talk and listen while driving.


    Is this an OnStar commercial? LOL No.


    Read my other posts, and you'll see I am definitely not politically correct. But I am a bit of a techie and when I find a new gadget that I think can improve someone's life, I tend to blab about it enthusiastically. LOL


    Have a great day. Rog.


    PS Seeing that lighted OnStar mirror as I drove my car the 100 miles from Bangor Best Buy to my home last night, I was reminded that although I suffer from PTSD incurred mental illness, and have diabetes and Atria Fib, partly due to Agent Orange and an overeating disorder, I STILL CARE ABOUT MYSELF AND MY HEALTH, and am planning to live to enjoy my pets and friendly acquaintances, ONE DAY AT A TIME.

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