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    Posted June 20, 2012 by
    Knoxville, Tennessee
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    Immigration: How does it affect you?

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    In the current economic environment, the targeted population of out of status young people that used to reside here in America have already left because of the lack of work created by the Political irresponsibility 20 years ago by the same career politicians that are still creating the hostile economic situation we all face around the world. Congress and the Senate are so far out of touch with the common people of this country and are to focused on arguing just to have 15 minutes of fame regardless of the fact that they have lost the confidence of the working class. This hasn't just happened, it has been the trend for the past 20 - 25 years. But now more than ever, while people have lost their homes, jobs, respect, dignity, stability.


    Why is it that the working class has lost everything that they possibly could besides their last breathe, and some have because of this very issue! But the politicians haven't lost a thing?


    To me it is like the bully on the playground. If because you have FAILED at your job and it drives a person to harm themselves. THAT IS A CRIME! After all, they passed legislation against bullying. So how come there is a double standard for the top government employees and the people that are directly affected by the governments failure to preserve the quality of life for it's citizens?


    So the government is protecting us from groups that want to do harm to America? But WHO is protecting us from our own government and the lack of leadership and direction for this country?Who left the flood gates open when we had 31 million illegal's in this country?


    Now, I am not pointing the finger at Obama, by no means am I. He has tried to help the American people while the BIAS G.O.P continues to go out of their way to stop every attempt, while they line their own pockets and the working class suffers. What would they do if they finally find the subject matter that finally puts the American people at war with our own government?


    It all comes down to this. If you take into account how many illegal's are in this country and how much the deportation process costs the taxpayers coupled with the fact that the borders are not secure. We foot the bill to deport them and they turn around a cross right back over without a problem. That is a ABSOLUTE WASTE of time and resources that are far better used in other places. Not to pad the pockets of the politicians that would never find a resolve to any of the key issues.


    I commend the Obama administration for the current policy change and I urge them to do more for the people that have actually done the grunt work that Americans think they have to much pride to do. If we could get them legal, with restrictions but able to work and pay taxes, we all would benefit in the long run.


    But don't think for a minute that those illegal's have taken any job from the American people. The government did that for you 20 years ago with policies like the "Free Trade Agreement" the "Corporate Tax Hike" that drove out manufactures and with the import tax relief packages making even more financially comfortable for those industries to set up shop elsewhere and send their products to the American markets with higher profits than "Made In America" goods. So the true fault and blame for the lack of jobs rests on the heads of the Congress and Senate and the flawed policies they produced that have weakened  the quality of life for the American people.

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