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    Posted June 20, 2012 by
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    Immigration: How does it affect you?

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    President Obama's immigration trap is a game of chess


    The one thing President Obama plans to do with the announcement of his new Immigration policy, is to distract voters from the real issue: the economy. The second is to mobilize and garner Hispanic votes in swing states he so desperately needs. And the third, is to distract Mitt Romney, force him to stake his position and attack him on that front.


    Since the Obama administration cannot make this election about the economy, he's hoping immigration will be his ticket. Visualize him throwing everything, including the kitchen sink, in an attempt to knock down his opponent. And it's not over yet, so be on guard. But given the politically motivated announcement, Mitt Romney stands to gain from this move. In this political game of chess, President Obama has made his move and now it's Mitt Romney's turn. But Romney must act carefully and astutely.


    Despite the sneering and jeering earlier this year from Republicans and Democrats, Mitt Romney's position of self-deportation is not long-stretched at all. In fact, illegal immigration was down, according to the Pew Hispanic Center study released last April. Many illegal immigrants self-deported themselves to their country of origin. No doubt economic conditions played a role.


    The main advantage that Mitt Romney has is that he's not in office right now and has no idea what the specifics of the policy is. We were presented with a skeleton announcement of the proposed policy change but the policy itself, stands to be much more complicated and will be presented in about two months.


    The Dream Act as it stands, is plain Amnesty. The main argument of this Act is that these children were brought into this country as infants, that this is the only country they have known and in most cases speak more English than their native tongue, among other things. President Obama's announcement on Friday, is no different.


    Let's use this scenario: Paul, now a 20 year old illegal immigrant, graduated from High School in the U.S., speaks some English and was sneaked into the U.S. through no fault of his own at age 15.


    First of all, at 15 years old, he was no longer an infant. Having lived the first 15 years of his life in another country, is he really acculturated into the American way of life? If he's only been in this country 5 years, how "American" can he really be and feel? And clearly, he'd feel more comfortable speaking his native language.


    The current form of the Dream Act states that they must have entered the country before their 16th birthday and may not be older than 30 years old. At 30 years of age, would someone really be considered a "young immigrant"? I'm sorry but... Ya está viejo! A cap of 25 years old seems much more reasonable than someone who is already 30 years of age. And proof of residence in the United States for at least TEN consecutive years, instead of five, should be required. Given that modification, assimilation into the "American way of life" is believable.


    Democrats claimed in 2010 that they tried to pass the Dream Act. Members of their own Party voted against it at that time and with good reason. Unfortunately, they keep blaming Republicans for the "nay" votes, although three Republicans did side with Democrats. The real question should be why several members of their own party voted against it? Why are those members getting a free pass? Since it was a Democratically controlled Congress at the time, you can blame the Democrats, not Republicans, for the failed passage of the Dream Act in 2010.


    Given the DREAMerz temporary band-aid we heard last week, The Obama administration should be SLAPPED for thinking that we, the American people, are that stupid! Perhaps Ana Navarro, board member at the Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center, said it best:


    "Barack Obama promised a Diamond ring to the Latino community during his first year in office. With last week's announcement, he delivered a Cubic Zirconia."


    Bottom line, he's trying to distract us from the bigger picture:  "It's the economy stupid."


    Perhaps President Obama believes we're just as stupid as when he told us the stimulus was going to create jobs,  stimulate the economy and get us out of this recession.  Yet three and a half years later, here we are with 8.2% unemployment…still. And all the administration can do is blame it on the last guy in office when they  know well that the policies implemented by the Clinton administration to allow banks to ease lending restrictions on lower income individuals, was one of the main contributing factors of the financial meltdown and the housing collapse.



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