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    Posted June 20, 2012 by

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    How much is the creativity valued in Serbia?


    I think that Serbia is not the best media market for creative people, for decades we placed into media something very superficial, at least when it comes to music. Here there is much more room in the field of theatrical creativity, so that our artists often resort to all manner of bizarre and even, in order to divert attention from the music they make. This is not the case only here, but also in the world. That is, in general terms - show business, which often has little to do with music.


    Are you interested in career in the West?


    I grew up with the sounds of international pop divas like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and somehow my expression formed in this manner. From here it is really difficult to think of foreign career, because for years we were completely unknown to the rest of the world. Now things are a little different, and I had the opportunity to try the market in which people will be able to recognize quality.


    How many "music stars" are there in Serbia?


    People here love intrigue, Starlets, showman and the like - every day we are bombarded by all sorts of irrelevant information about people with no particular interest. It often happens that they just choose one of the ways to "define", and so hastily record an album or single and are called "singers". There are too many of these here, and our people like trash music, so that every one here can hold full "concerts". Of course, there are a lot of those who daily attack from the front pages of magazines and TV channels, and could not live off the music that they do because, of course, no one listens to them.


    What kind of music you would like to do in the future? House music?


    My only inspiration when it comes to music, is Alicia Keys. I am not ashamed to say that I would like to have a career like that, I would not have changed anything. Similar music I composed for my new album. I think this time I will first present myself through music in the right light, you will have the opportunity to hear an r'n'b - pop sound, that is where I am, and what i like the most in the music.


    Your future plans .... something you are working on ...


    What's hot and what I consider my greatest success so far, is a duet song with the great Craig David, and little to say that I am very happy about that. Besides preparing the album in English, where there will be plenty of live instruments,and also the best musicians who are working on it and so on. It will be something that is very different from anything people could hear so far.


    Ivan Trajkovic

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