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    New Mexico
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    Is Obama the new Nixon?

    Is Obama the new" tricky dick" Nixon?

    With the Solyndra scandal, and a dead body along with 2,000 smoking guns, a leak scandal I like to call the “super-bama” scandal as the leaks were designed to make the president appear a super-man, one could easily assess that President Obama is the new Richard Nixon, however I count at least twice as much scandal, and impropriety as was Richard’s legacy…

    The president has made my home much much more
    dangerous here in New Mexico with the fast and furious scandal and at some point someone is highly likely to get killed in my state , my very own city, with one of those damn AK-47 type guns.(1 dead American 100s dead Mexicans) In as much as the president lives in the east, far from here, it obviously is of little concern he and his family.

    The Solyndra scandal is the thing talked about during the campaign that became a failed Green 2 V project here in my city and thus, New Mexico got robbed of hundreds of good jobs and a growth of our green energy nationally as well. where is the money anyway, the investigation into the accounts?

    If the president had kept the campaign promises we would not be in Afghanistan, and there would be some resolution with the Guantanamo Bay prisoners, nonetheless, the flips on Keystone XL pipeline and the sell-out on true Wall Street regulation as well as a quick cheap settlement on BP….please…after seriously delving into Obama care Im against that as well…

    to call President Obama the new Nixon is way too kind. Richard Nixon stopped the Viet-Nam war and brought everyone home.
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