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    When love dies; Greed and joules, ignorant and hate in the human society. Part II

    When love dies; Greed and joules, ignorant and hate in the human society. Part II
    The life of the little boy was not easy. Both members of the both religions teased him. In the time that he was on the way home, the Moslem children fight with him and through mud and small stones on him. He came home dirty and covered with blood. His father who was a serious Moslem called him. “Nasser clean your self and start to pray, it is time to pray.” Now he should pray Arabic the Islamic prayers loud so the father can listen them. So; the Bahai children who were also living in the same huge house, made fun of him.
    They did not through him stone or dry mud, but they told him horrible words, like you the child of one Akhund, you Seyed child.
    As you know the Jesus told his flowers, love each other as I loved you. Help each other and be honest to each other. Do not robe each other and do not look bad to each other, with sexual desire. If your brother wanted you to accompany him one kilometer go with him two and if your fellow man asked you for a shirt give him also your coat. Do not be greedy and respect each other. Bahaullah told the same thing. If the religions bring hate and disunity, having no religions is better. Humanity is more important and not the name. as you are all the leaves of one tree. Do not see each other as stronger. The time is over that the people were separated in the world. Now the world is small and we live together. Different religions, cultures, races are living now in the same city and village. But are all Bahai or Christians acting these nice words?
    Now we are greedy and we are after power and money to have a better life. We cheat each other for money and we misuse each other love and trust to have more money and more advantages. We hate each other because of differences and we think we have right and the other people are wrong and are in the false way?

    The system of the world is designed to destroy the middle class and press the poor. See what the people do in the world. They kill each other and nobody care. They robe each other and the judge system is useless.

    Nasser had a nice uncle a brother of his mother, he was a high school teacher in the North of Iran and in the holidays, he came to Tehran to his sister’s house. He was about 10 years younger than his sister, but his sister was like a mother to him. His mother died as she was only 35 and left the little boy alone. His sister was the only child in the family who had studied and was a government teacher. She had good salary so she could help the family. But as she had a full time job, all her children before Nasser were died. At that time there was no emergency hospital in Tehran, and if it was there was very far. As the mother came home, it was dark and the streets of Tehran at that time were also dark. Tahereh the mother of Nasser was the second wife of his father that means he was not always there. May be two times per week he spend the time with his second wife. The child of Tahereh was with the maid, a young woman or old girls who were poor and need to have a place to live and some salary.

    They were uneducated and what they know was to eat and try to find a husband. The maids were makeup and went to the doors to look for a husband as soon as Nasser’s mother went to school. So the child was with itself and he/she was crying and catches cold. In the time the tired mother came home, it was late and everywhere was dark and dangerous. She had no husband to accompany her to the doctor. She prays for the sick child and in few days the child was dead. So as she had Nasser she was very careful with him. Her sister was living with her in the same house. She was married in the time she was 12 years old. And she had the first baby with 13. She was a full time mother and the whole days she was taking care of her 9 children. She had every year one child and all of them were alive as she take care very well of them. Her husband was very young in compare with Tahereh husband. He did not have a solid job like Tahereh and her husband and so they were very poor in compare with Tahereh.

    Tahereh were married as she was 23 and her sister was married with 12. Tahereh studied and got a job than she married a man with wife and 8 other children. As Nasser was the only child and both of his parents had solid job and good salary, he had always the best clothes. But his cousins were 9 and their mother did not work outside and their father did not have a solid job. So they were very jealous concerning Nasser.

    The first child of his aunt was a girl who was only 13 years younger than her mother. The aunt of Nasser had a hard life to take care of 9 children without enough money was not easy. But at least they were healthy and survived even with old clothes. The cousins could not see the positive material they had in their life. That they had a full time mother, young and energetic, who took every day one of them to the doctor. Both their parents were Bahai and they did not have religion problems as Nasser had. They were free to go to the Bahai School on Friday and Nasser did not allow going. They could play outside and Nasser should pray long time in Arabic that he did not understand. They were 9 persons and he was alone. They had a full time father and mother and Nasser had not a full time father or mother. His father had another wife and 8 other children and he was not home when he was needed. His mother actually did play the role of a father and also mother. The only positive matter that Nasser had was, he was very well dressed so his uncle loved to take him with himself to where ever he goes. The uncle was for Nasser a real father. He was young, very well educated and a lovely person. Nasser did not want to share him with the cousins. Nasser thought he is his father and belong in the three month of uncle vacation only to him.

    In the time that mother and father of Nasser fight with each other about religions, the father and mother of his cousins were having fun with each other. Nasser saw often that his mother was crying after the discussion or fighting with his father. Nasser asked what the problem is. Mother told I and my family are Bahai and we think the 12 Imam had come. Your father thinks he did not come and we should wait for him. Nasser said to his mother why you do not say that you are also waiting for the 12 Imam? So in this way there will be not fighting. The mother who was a deep believer told him, she cannot, because, it is true. He came and was killed in Tabriz; how can I say that he did not come. The first time the government soldiers shoot at him 750 bullets, but as God did not want him first to be killed. They could not kill him. He was hanged with the rope and the Armenian soldiers of Nasereddin Shah shoot at him. None of the bullet hit him and as the dust has gone. The people saw nobody was there. The people shouted that the 12 Imam had disappeared again by the power of God. So the soldiers were looking for him and they saw him sitting in his room and speaking with his secretary.

    As he saw the soldiers he stands up and said, now you can kill me and I am ready. The soldiers said, they will not shot at this man any more, he is coming from God. So the general of the Armenian soldiers denied killing him. He took his soldiers and has gone. The government called different troop to kill the 12 Imam of Shia. So how can I say that he is not true?

    In that time the first daughter of the aunt had finished university and was teacher and made good salary. She could be a good help for the family. But as she was academic, intelligent, young and beautiful; she had a lot of young man around her, who wanted to marry her. The father in reality did not like his daughter to be married, because she was now a good help. But the proposal men were also a good chance for her. She had a good job as a teacher and she had a good salary. One of the men who wanted to marry her was a lieutenant. He was not agreeing that his wife continue to work. And she agrees to give up her good job to be married. I will write the III part later.
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