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    Posted June 24, 2012 by
    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    Bachmann Can't Help It


    Former  presidential candidate Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann just  can't help it. She opens her mouth and out it spews like sewage spilling  from a drain pipe.

    She's  at it again. This time its in an interview with Arizona Senator John  McCain's daughter, Meghan McCain. Bachmann sat down for an interview  with Meghan that was published in The Daily Beast.

    Bachmann  opined about fighting to keep her seat in Congress and whether she  would accept an invitation to be presumptive Republican presidential  nominee Mitt Romney's running mate in the fall election. She would by  the way. Those were all well and good.

    Then Bachmann just couldn't help it.

    She went off into the area of "without proof, but it's true".

    While  campaigning last year and early this year to be the GOP nominee,  Bachmann was often kinown for, shall we say, convoluting or  mischaracterizing the truth.

    One  example was when she tried to link the controversial human  papillomavirus vaccine, later abandoned, in Texas to mental deficiency.  Bachmann quoted a woman she met on the campaign trail making the claim  as Gospel. That was later debunked, but Bachmann didn't back down.

    Then  of course there are the controversial statements she has made about  gays being able to have the "gay prayed away". She and her husband have a  number of gay intervention style "clinics" to "cure" gays.

    Bachmann has now raised eyebrows again by labeling the President as "dangerous" and directing the FBI to purge files of "anti-Islamic" references.

    "The  one thing that has shocked me, Meghan, is that when you look at the  polling data, the No. 1 area of approval for Obama is his handling of  national security intelligence. Well, he’s not from my point of view.  He’s the most dangerous president we have ever had on national security," Bachmann said.

    When asked why she thought the President was dangerous, Bachman replied:

    "I  think the most obvious is that no president has ever revealed the  methodologies we use, particularly in the case of bin Laden two week  ago, when he was revealing even more of our national security secrets.  Then we find out David Axelrod is in the White House on what they call  “Terror Tuesdays,” in which they choose who they are going to kill today  from the terrorist list. This is absolutely shocking, and here is the  president beating his chest and trying to take advantage of that by  going to The New York Times. Plus, the fact that we learn the president  has been ordering censoring of government documents. He’s been purging  the FBI files of anything that could be considered anti-Islamic. These  decisions aren’t making us safer; they’re making us more vulnerable, and  I am very concerned."

    The line about the FBI scrubbing files to rid "anti-Islamic" references has set off a furor as well.

    Like I said, I don't think the Congresswoman can help herself.

    It's  not that she may not have all the good intentions in the world. I do  think at times she allows her emotions and her mouth to outrun her  brain.

    From the Cornfield, one thing we can always count on from Michelle Bachmann is fodder to fill up any empty news space.

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