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    Posted June 25, 2012 by
    Watertown, New York
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    Obama's "Immigration Executive Order" Splits the Republican Base


    Republicans are split along the lines of "Fear and Reason". Are immigrants a threat to Americans workers? We are all immigrants.Some Republicans choose to forget. Some know, but use this issue for political gain.
    "President Obama says his administration will not deport illegal aliens under the age of 30 if they meet certain criteria. Those illegal aliens will be allowed to apply for two-year work permits that can be renewed indefinitely."
    President Obama's executive order was brilliant. It split the Republican Party along the lines of those that believe in fairness and those that fear immigrants.
    Rep. Lou Barletta (R-Pa.) had this to say about the President's decision:
    "Since he delivered the State of the Union address in January, President Obama has often spoken about “fairness” and how “everyone should play by the same rules.”


    "Those buzzwords have become a mantra of his policies and his re-election campaign.


    But on Friday, President Obama unilaterally changed the rules regarding amnesty for at least 800,000 illegal aliens – though some estimates put the number of those affected in the millions –and he discarded any pretense of acting fairly."

    Barletta and other Republican need their supporters to believe that immigrants are a threat. They want their supporters to believe that immigrants will take you job. That immigrants will cost us more in health care and low income programs. They want you to believe that these immigrants will compete with you for the many low wage jobs Americans are being forced to accept because good jobs were outsourced to cheaper labor markets.
    Hispanics tend to vote for Democrats. If Republicans want to continue in power, they must stop more immigrants from coming to America.They know this.
    Mitt Romney and most Republican leaders didn't like the President's executive order. They say that the President was being political and pandering for Hispanic votes.
    Romney adds that Obama didn't try to find a long term solution. That's a lie.
    The U.S. Senate voted and passed the "Dream Act". But Senate Minority Leader filibustered the bill. People don't follow the cloture votes in the Senate, but they should. This bill would have addressed in Congress what the President had to address with his executive order because Republicans failed to act.
    Now, in a quandary, Romney says that this decision isn't a long term fix to our immigration problem.
    Republicans aren't interested in a long term solution. They simply don't want more people coming here that will be against them politically. So what do they tell their constituency? "Be afraid! Immigrants will take your jobs! They'll cost you more in the taxes you pay."
    First, we wouldn't be fighting over low wage jobs with immigrants if Republicans worked with Democrats to pass the Transportation Bill and other real job bills.
    Second, we wouldn't have to pay higher taxes if the GOP would ask corporations and the wealthy to do more. Besides, immigrants pay taxes and so the GOP claims are also lies- designed to make unemployed workers to fear these immigrants.
    Rather than change the way they think and legislate, Republicans are entrenched in their regressive ideology.
    They could do more to fix the problems but they are not interested in helping President Obama.
    With all their advertising dollars, clever ad guys, and their own GOP television propaganda station in FOX News, President Obama out maneuvered them and they don't like it. Obama's decision was brilliant politically.
    Obama had asked Republicans to act on this reform in Congress. But we saw Republicans dodge their responsibility again...and again. Now they have the audacity to claim Obama didn't act long term? That's just a lie. Do the GOP believe that people aren't paying attention? Some of us are. We know those that marinate in FOX's "propaganda sauce" don't get it.
    All of us are immigrants.

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