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    In another inhumane move, Government of Iraq prevented entry of food into Camp Liberty

    Camp Liberty- No. 38

    On Saturday, 23 June 2012, in yet another inhumane move, ‘plain-clothed’ agents affiliated to the suppressive committee in Maliki’s prime ministry office prevented the residents to unload food stuff provided for 2000 residents. The reefer truck containing 15 tons of meet and fresh food and vegetables should have entered the camp as usual and after inspection, and its loads should have been delivered to the residents who had purchased them all.
    At first, the agents said that according to a new instruction, everything has to be unloaded at the control post outside the camp. Needless to say that unloading meet and fresh fruit and vegetables on the ground in 56o C temperature for inspection and reloading them that would take hours would only make them get rotten. After residents’ insistence in the presence of UNAMI representatives, it was decided that some cartons of meat and fresh fruit be unloaded and inspected by the police, and they did so.

    Nevertheless, the ‘plain-clothed’ agents said that they should inspect the goods inside the truck again. The residents objected to the UN monitors and told them that according to the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) signed by the Secretary-General’s Special Representative and Iraqi government’s Security Advisor, that job has to be done by police officers trained by UNAMI, and ‘plain-clothed’ agents of the suppressive committee are not trusted and are not allowed to enter the reefer truck and inspect the cartons. In contrast with the MOU, the identity of those agents and the governmental organization they are affiliated to is not known to UNAMI; based on international regulations, they should not interfere camp’s internal affairs whatsoever.
    Finally, after all the excuses made by Iraqis, no food stuff was taken to the camp and in the presence of UN monitors, everything was returned. The cost of returned food stuff amounted to $17,000.
    It is worth reminding that Camp Liberty is located adjacent to Baghdad airport and hence every vehicle is inspected before it enters the camp by police dog unit and a powerful scanning device and sonar system. Hence, unloading food stuff on the ground and entry of unauthorized officers into the trucks for inspection under the excuse of searching for weapons and explosives is solely aimed at harassing and blockading the residents and depriving them from basic humanitarian needs.
    On Saturday, the agents of the suppressive committee also took the identification cards, mobile phones and all the money of the drivers of water tankers and utility tankers working for Iraqi contractors, and counted their money to give them back to the drivers when they return. This intentional harassment is aimed at dissuading the drivers and contractors from providing services to Liberty residents.
    The residents have been subject to harassment under various excuses since June 2nd that Captain Ahmad Khozeir, who is tasked with pursuing repressive measures of Ashraf Committee, has been stationed at Liberty entrance along with his men.
    On June 20, these same agents prevented entry of basic necessities of the residents into the camp too. They included necessities for making a place for washing dishes and also 12 water pumps to be replaced with worn-out and broken pumps for supplying water that are extremely needed in the overbearing heat. Purchasing and entering all these goods had been previously confirmed by the GOI representative after so many discussions in the presence of UN monitors.
    In addition to all above issues, it is three days now that the agents of the suppressive committee have been preventing entry of representatives of service companies that provide water, sewage and garbage trucks into Liberty.

    Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
    June 24, 2012
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