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    Posted June 29, 2012 by
    Keokuk, Iowa
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    Are you living without health insurance?

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    Everyone wants to argue with me about the Supreme Court ruling, but I'm not doing it anymore, because I don't have to. The Supreme Court sided with me. Win.

    More than anything, it has pointed out how hateful and selfish people can be, and I'm not the only one that has noticed. It's a real bummer that you didn't get what you wanted. You can state your case without calling names, placing labels on others, or being callous.

    This event has highlighted what the REAL problem is with America. It is a combination of greed and a lack of compassion. Most people living high on the hog (note to trolls - I didn't say ALL) simply don't care about the welfare of others. The aforementioned attributes are why our stock market failed. That is why every night there is a new preacher, politician, or school teacher caught lying, cheating, or worse. That is why people pass stranded motorists on the road and watch their neighbors starve. "Looking out for number one" should be the new motto for this country. "Out of many, one" just doesn't apply anymore.

    If it takes a village to raise a child, why shouldn't that child grow up and contribute to the welfare of the village?


    Let's throw the word 'tax' out there. Did you just flinch and have a nightmarish image that would make the zombie apocalypse look like Disneyland? Since you know so much about the future, please tell me what the weather is next week because I want to go on vacation.


    People want to revolt right now, and they're screaming, "Our forefathers wouldn't have wanted this!" Well, our founders never said taxes were imaginary like monsters under the bed; they simply didn't want 'taxation without representation'. I'm pretty sure they would be a little more upset about millions of jobs - good paying jobs - being taken from honest citizens and shipped overseas. I know four out of three people are bad at math, so let me explain it carefully. First of all, I did not just make a typo.

    If there are jobs available, people will have money to buy goods, which will increase demand, creating new jobs, resulting in people having more money to buy more junk. The taxes from those transactions will help repair and improve our infrastructure, guarantee Social Security to those who've been paying towards it, and the more jobs people have, the less they will rely on welfare and other social services.

    Why are there so many poor and disenfranchised people? Because they have been living off the scraps of the wealthy for too long. The 'job creators' chip away at our workforce, then turn around and use decreased profits and the promise of cheaper labor to justify moving more jobs. While they're living the American dream here and making a fortune off the backs of foreigners in far away lands, they decry illegal immigration, social services, and healthcare for their fellow countrymen.


    Perhaps healthcare shouldn't have been the reform we started with, but sending all citizens to charm school wasn't an option.

    So, if you don't like the recent ruling by the Supreme Court, there are two things you can do. Quit clicking your mouse, wipe the crumbs from that doughnut off your shirt, and throw some money at a politician like he's a stripper. That'll get their attention better than any letter, protest, or media event. And if all else fails, you can move to another country. However, they will probably have universal healthcare there too.

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