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    Posted June 30, 2012 by
    decatur, Alabama
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    Are you living without health insurance?

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    gov oppression


    The Supreme Court has made a ruling on this issue and in doing so they have contradicted themselves ,thus making themselves look foolish at best .
    I challenge you all to read just the first 12 amendments to the Constitution .This is the base and all others are ruled by it .when another is added all others have to pass the test of the first 12 and that part that does not pass the first 12 is hereby  voided by the first 12 ..The supreme Court of the last 100 or so years has mocked and hindered the people . It is here ,where our Country has strayed .
    Congress or the Senate has not the power to enact un lawful acts either in ordinance or law ,not even with the consent of the people !
    As long as the people continue to elect intelligence operatives ,we the people will suffer their, ignorant appointments to the Court .
    there should not be either Liberal or Conservative thinking people appointed to the court.They should not have either Republican Nor Democratic base .Only Constitutional backgrounds Appointed to the correcting branch, the third branch of our Gov .
    If this was done correctly we would have never fought a civil war .This is the only place we have redress with any and all !If this branch fails' the people ,then the other two are sure to fail us .because there is no other place we the people have to go, and Gov then becomes by its very nature oppressive !
    If you people think that making all, pay insurance is going to fix the cost you are foolish! Cost will now sky rocket .there is no substitute for greed .It is a monster that will destroy us all !This is leading up to and not limited to,will be a plat form in witch they will use to bring about R.F.I.D.
    This road they are leading us down ends in many bad possibilities .Do not be like the People of Germany that was led by Hitler to its destruction. Stand firm against your legislature now .
    while you grip about your political ambitions ,they are running you and not the other way around .Stop being Liberal and conservative thinkers and become what you really are, Americans ! Stop thinking that Mexicans can not be in your country because they are Americans too !
    Ever since the Gov of the united states signed a treaty in 1897 with all the American countries . It is called the O.A.S
    Organization of American States.They will support you in your endeavor to make changes in our Gov ,The peoples Gov !No more communist thinking .This and a Court that is not Constitutional in any way, has led to these problems .Nothing else .Dictators cannot get into the seat unless the Court supports them .Obama could not hold his seat without the Supreme Court supporting him .He has spoken time and again that he is not a Us citizen .No one ever had at anytime the right to make changes to this rule because it was in the first 12 amendment . who do they think they are .?
    You who are running this once great nation ,be aware the people grow restless of you .Change your way or they will rise and replace you!

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