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    Posted July 1, 2012 by
    Christiansted, Virginia
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    Travel Advisory!


    Should all things we consume, read, eat and do contain warnings? Most do. If you smoke it causes cancer, says so right on the box. If you take a certain type of medication it can cause side effects. If you eat to much you get fat, have health problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other problems. That's why we have warnings,. If a corporate executives employee's steal, mismanage or lie we have laws that hold that executive responsible for what his people have done. He gets fines, jail, and loses his job.


    When we are going on vacation nearly always we read about the warnings and dangers associated without place. The United States publishes warnings about foreign countrieslike Mexico and places in the Arab States. So it begs the question, if a state, city, or town knows that the community as a part or whole is dangerous, or unsafe do they owe the public the same courtesy? If a corporation knows that the employees they send to a region are in danger they send protection and advise of the do and do not of that country. So with all that said why not the Virgin Islands?


    Why with a per capita murder rate in line with Haiti, and violent crime comparable to Columbia do we throw the unsuspecting American to the wolves. We stand by and watch the rape, murder, and victimization of these people and do nothing. These corporations like the Ritz Carlton, Westin, Marriott, as well as American Airlines, Jet Blue, and Delta know what happens here. They know the corrupt government and what it's capable of. They know the hate and racism. They know the miscarriage of justice and crooked judicial system. That know victimized tourist is ever heard in court. That the system is designed and supports the absolute alienation of the victim'sto the point that nobody is brought to justice? When Jose Texido and Jose Rosa along with thousands of others lives destroyed by the corrupt system moved to the Virgin Islands they never knew of this melting pot of hate and racism. Do think they would have come? Would you? No you would not.


    It is a crime to lie and mislead the public. Politicians and executives go to jail on a regular basis. Why not the Governors, Senators, Police and Judicial Officials who knowingly mislead the tourists and workers traveling into a war zone? Where they are left on there own to meet there peril. The law is there. It must be expanded to include this illegal and immoral practice. The United States of America has a responsibility to protect us. Change the law. It's criminal not to. We ask you to take up this cause. To get involved and ask the questions we can not. To change the law. To hold these people criminally responsible. To be the voice for Jose Texido. He has no voice. He is victim of the same government that issworn to protect him. But that governments does not live here in the Virgin Islands.


    Use the address below. Demand answers. Ask questions. It is the responsibility of every American to protect the rights of those who cannot protect themselves.


    BOX 9955
    KINGSHILL, VI 00850

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