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    Elecciones 2012

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    A new civilian movement called for democracy is born in Mexico.

    Due to the several and grave irregularities in the present Mexican elections, a new civilian movement named “Ciudadanos por una democracia Verdadera: (Citizens for a True Democracy) has been born in Guadalajara, Jalisco just 16 hours ago.
    The movement has created a website, and a Facebook page, and yesterday has invited to all the population of the cities of Guadalajara, Zapopan, Tlaquepaque, Tonala and neighboring areas to join them in a public manifestation which will officially inaugurate the movement and recognized its statutes.

    In less than 12 hours the public invitation had so far 2,809 confirmed manifestants.

    Before the invitation to join the manifestation, the speaker clarifies that his team is not part of YoSoy#132 movement, but also admits they share the same goals and ideals of this civilian movement, but makes an effort to clarify their disassociation and solely independence.

    The notice starts as follows:


    “All the several irregularities at IFE booths, duplicated, stolen and pre marked ballots in favor of EPN are incidents that we can not allow to happen.
    We demand clear results and this has not happened.
    We manifest our inconformity for a president imposed by the media!
    Let’s march in PEACE but with a strong voice, WE ARE MORE the ones who are informed and aware of the frauds and irregularities in this electoral process.”

    “This is why we want to execute this march, because we are not conformists!
    Because our lips are not sealed
    Because we do not want to be remembered as the generation who allowed the return of PRI to the government! (the party that made Salinas de Gortari president against general consent)

    After exhorting to join the manifestation, the speaker of the movement, request participants to come with, signs, placards and banners.

    The speaker Sergio Morales Aranda encourages participants to behave in the utmost pacific manner, wear white clothing and bring a candle or a lighter.

    The manifestation is scheduled to start at 4:00 PM and end at 10:00 PM.
    The group exhorts participants to keep the path of the protest clean and pacific, the movement desires to set the record straight of being an organized and informed group of people who only desire is for justice to be accomplished.

    The movement has established 11 statutes, the most significant probably are
    number six; exhorts participants to avoid being tempted to respond to provocations, clarifies the movement is not supporting, nor criticizing a party in particular, that the sole purpose of it, it is to demand and clarify the irregularities during the election and demand a solution to those.

    Number nine prohibits participants to carry any garments which would associate the movement to any particular party.

    Number ten strongly forbids participants to carry, knives, blades, sticks or any object that would damage public property or hurt civilians.

    With a closing line of “we all are democracy” Mr, Morales ends his publication.

    The website:
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