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    Zimmerman Released on Bond, Hurray!


    George Zimmerman has been released from jail on 1 million dollar bond. Hurray! Does anybody care? The ones that declare him guilty before trial will be the ones that care most. The total body of evidence means absolutely nothing to them.


    Zimmerman got out of his vehicle = Relevant
    Zimmerman has medical reports showing treatment for injuries = irrelevant


    The list of things reported about this case goes on and on and on. The people who will settle for nothing less than a conviction only care about part of the evidence, that which will lead to their desired outcome.


    At first it was Zimmerman stalked then attacked the boy. Then when more and more stories came out that the boy may have in fact attacked Zimmerman, it became if the boy assaulted Zimmerman then he was justified.


    After media bias and protests by people demanding a skewed form of hooded lynch mob justice, Zimmerman was finally arrested. He was released on $150,000 bond surrounded by controversy over his finances. Then he was arrested again. The judge reset bond at 1 million and today Zimmerman has been released on that bond.


    Will Spike Lee again try to obtain and publicize Zimmerman’s location as he awaits trial? Will Jessie and Al march again alongside a hooded lynch mob demanding a desired outcome while real justice is in the process of taking place? Will the media edit video to sway public opinion? Will the President himself race bait again on this issue?


    Does this opinion piece piss off those that demand nothing less than a conviction of George Zimmerman? Good. Because anyone who demands that before a trial where all the evidence is provided to a jury are emotionally biased suckers. That is not how our system of justice works. Remember Duke Lacrosse? Al Sharpton obviously does not. He has not learned the lesson.


    I for one will let justice take place. I do not need to march for an outcome. If the body of evidence convinces 12 jurors that Zimmerman is guilty of murder beyond a reasonable doubt then so be it. He should be punished to the max that Florida law allows.


    But if he is not, then God help him anyway because some emotionally charged idiot from the hooded lynch mob will kill him because someone publicized his whereabouts. Right Spike?


    Impossible to imagine? Look no further than the LA riots following the Rodney King case.

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