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    Posted July 10, 2012 by
    taipei, Taiwan

    Taiwan's Legislative department passed a Law and local officials refuse to follow?


    Since joining WTO, Taiwan passed motorcycle regulations of importing 250cc or larger motorcycles and its partial road rights excluding highways.  The exclusion of highway rights could involving in violation of WTO agreement. Since then, There is a group of riders whom have been fighting for motorcycles' full highway rights in Taiwan like any developed country should have.


    In June, 2012, Taiwan's Legislative department finally passed the motorcycle highway law with certain conditions. These conditions regulates only selected highways and specific times can motorcycle above 550cc be ridden on highway as a trial run. Although this is not fully satisfying for the riders in Taiwan, but its a good start. Unfortunately, different local city officials was able to ignore a legislative passed by Taiwan's Legislative department with excuses that are unrelated to motorcyclists riding freedom. This is causing the highway rights for motorcycle in Taiwan to be postponed indefinitely.


    Contrary to Taiwan has been claiming themselves to be a fully democratic country with full freedom rights, their local government was able to refuse a legislation passed for motorcyclists and influenced highway/traffic officials to ignore the law. In most developed country, not only motorcycles are able to access highways, there are no restriction on the engine size above 250cc to access highway. However, Taiwan claims themselves to be a developed country instead of a underdevelop/developing country but their way of democracy is doubtful. In addition to refuse to keep up with the world by lowering importing tax for many goods such as motorcycle, this is causing motorcycles to be twice as expensive as U.S while people's average income is only 1/3 compare to U.S. Now Taiwanese local officals are ignoring a passed legislative and making it difficult for riders to gobetween cities by restricting highway access from motorcycle rider and claiming motorcycle is for pleasure only when commuter are consist of mostly motorcyclist and scooterist in Taiwan.


    We are not sure if refusing motorcycle on highway is people's voice, local government's choice, or if there are any other political factors involve.


    But we do know one thing for sure, when legislation has passed or when a law is passed. Local official refuse to cooperate should not be an excuse for the law not to be executed in a democratic country.  Taiwan only has one government, there are no state governments in Taiwan.  Once Legislative department pass a law, it should be a final decision until Legislative department revise the legislation.  If local officals can pick and choice what legislation to follow. do Taiwanese even needs a  legislative department  in Taiwan at all?


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