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    Vancouver, British Columbia

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    Strangest Ice Cream! Is it cold or is it HOT?


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     seeitnow celebrates July's National Ice Cream week, by spotlighting Vancouver ice cream shop, La Casa Gelato. The ice cream shop gained popularity throughout the years, being featured in publications like Gourmet magazine, and visited by food and television personalities like Martha Stewart. La Casa Gelato is known for its unexpected flavors. His favorite ice cream from the shop was that Iranian inspired "Akbar Mashti" flavor, which he describes as very tasty. The strangest flavors he recalls from the shop were blue cheese and pear and the jalapeno, 'it cools and burns at the same time,' he says. 'It's national ice cream week, and I think everybody should forget about their problems and enjoy a cone with their friends,' he says.
    - Jareen, CNN iReport producer

    In 1984 President Ronald Reagan declared July as "National Ice Cream Month" and why not it's hot and you need something cool right around now. How about Jalapeno flavored Ice Cream, or maybe something more international such as Curry or Bleu Cheese. Surprisingly we came across this "very" unique Ice Cream Shoppe with at least 218 flavours of Ice Cream availaable everyday of the year. In fact if he doesn't have what you like, Vince says he'll try to make it up special for you. He's been doing that since 1982!


    We'll bet you haven't heard of, let alone tasted anywhere near almost 500 flavours of Ice Cream that he creates througout the year!


    Produced by: Percy von Lipinski
    Hosted by: Lisa Catania
    Cameras: Pascal Kammer and Luiza Gurgel
    Edited by: Matt Gibbs and Pascal Kammer



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