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    The Obama Roundup - Overnight Edition - July 14/15 - Part 2


    In case you missed it, here is the latest Roundup of news about President Barack Obama.

    On the Trail:  The President hit the campaign trail again Friday and Saturday stumping  across the Old Dominion of Virginia. Virginia is a must-win in the  Prsident's race to retain the White House.

    Lunch Time Kickoff - President Obama kicked off a day of campaigning by having lunch with a small group of military wives here.

    At  Rick's Place, a Cajun eatery just a couple of miles from Oceana Naval  Air Station, the president sat down with three wives of Navy sailors as  well as Virginia Senate candidate Tim Kaine and Sen. Mark Warner.

    Sometimes  employers don't want to hire military families, said Jennifer Farlin,  the wife of a Navy commander who is currently deployed overseas who was  among three women who met with the president.

    "Companies  a lot of the time are more than happy to help," Obama noted. "But they  haven't been asked, and there's not a structure for it."


    Hitting Romney:  The President doubled down on hitting presumptive Republican  presidential nominee Mitt Romney as he stumped across Virginia. Team  Obama also put out more television ads. The President and his Team are  attacking Romney on sending jobs overseas and questioning his tenure at  Bain Capital and when he parted company with the firm.

    President  Barack Obama is keeping up a drumbeat of skepticism over Mitt Romney's  insistence — displayed in a blitz of TV interviews — that he stepped  down from his private equity firm years earlier than federal records  indicate.

    "Mitt Romney's not the solution. He's the problem,"  Obama's latest ad says as it plays video of Romney awkwardly singing  "America the Beautiful."


    President  Obama says Mitt Romney's business experience doesn't qualify him for  the presidency because it was about making money, not creating jobs.

    "If  you're a head of a large private equity firm or hedge fund, your job is  to make money," Obama told CBS News. "It's not to create jobs. It's not  even to create a successful business -- it's to make sure that you're  maximizing returns for your investor."

    Obama told Charlie Rose of  CBS This Morning that private equity -- which Romney practiced at Bain  Capital -- is "appropriate" work, "but that doesn't necessarily make you  qualified to think about the economy as a whole. Because, as president,  my job is to think about the workers. My job is to think about  communities, where jobs have been outsourced."


    Obama said that Romney has been selling himself thus: “I’m Mr. Fix-It on the economy, because I made a lot of money.’”

    “I  think it is entirely appropriate to look at that record and see  whether, in fact, his focus was creating jobs and he successfully did  that," Obama said in the interview. "And when you look at the record,  there are questions there that have to be asked."


    Campaigning  on a rainy Saturday in Glen Allen, Virginia, President Obama didn't  offer the apology presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt  Romney suggested on Friday was in order.

    Obama stood by his  criticism of Romney at the Saturday rally, including calling out  Romney's experience at the financial firm he founded and led for more  than a decade, Bain Capital.

    "Mr. Romney has got a different  idea. He invested in companies that have been called pioneers in  outsourcing," Obama said. "I don't want a pioneer in outsourcing. I want  some in-sourcing."

    He hit Romney for a platform of "tax cuts for the wealthy, roll back regulations."

    "My  opponent and his allies in Congress, they believe in a top-down  economics," Obama said. "They believe that if we spend trillions of  dollars on tax cuts mostly for the wealthy - even if we have to pay for  it by gutting education or gutting job training programs or gutting  investments in basic research or turning Medicare into a voucher system  or increasing middle class tax increases - that if we do that somehow  all of you are going to benefit.

    "But here's the problem," he continued. "We tried it for a decade before I took office. It did not work."


    An  unrelenting President Barack Obama jabbed at Mitt Romney's record with a  private equity firm in an ad Saturday that aimed to keep his rival on  the defensive just as the Republican challenger's campaign hoped to take  advantage of poor economic data to gain an edge on the incumbent.

    Obama  met Romney's plea for an apology for the attacks with a mocking ad that  charged that the firm shipped American jobs to China and Mexico, that  Romney has personal wealth in investments in Switzerland, Bermuda and  the Cayman Islands, and that as Massachusetts governor, he sent state  jobs to India.


    Asked  in an interview with Washinton-area station WJLA whether he thought  Romney was being dishonest with the American people, Obama quoted Harry  Truman, saying that as president "the buck stops with you."

    "My  understanding is that Mr. Romney attested to the (Securities and  Exchange Commission), multiple times, that he was the chairman, CEO and  president of Bain Capital, and I think most Americans figure if you are  the chairman, CEO and president of a company that you are responsible  for what that company does," Obama said.

    "Ultimately Mr. Romney, I  think, is going to have to answer those questions, because if he  aspires to being president, one of the things you learn is, you are  ultimately responsible for the conduct of your operations. But again,  that's probably a question that he's going to have to answer, and I  think that's a legitimate part of the campaign."

    Asked if he thought Romney needed to clarify his position with Bain "soon," the president responded, "Yeah, absolutely."


    Taking On The GOP in Congress: Repeating  his pledge to let lower tax rates for upper-income workers expire at  the end of the year, the president said that his opponents' disagreement  means they're not determined to reduce the nation's deficit.

    "Let's  not hold middle class folks hostage," Obama said, to cheers from the  friendly crowd. "The top two percent, those tax cuts, that'll be settled  in the next election and I'm looking forward to having a debate,  because if you say you want to bring down the deficit but you're not  willing to let tax cuts lapse for the top two percent it tells me you're  not serious about deficit reduction."


    Summing Up: "This  is going to be a close one," said Obama, who in 2008 became the first  Democratic presidential candidate since Lyndon Johnson to win Virginia.  "We're going to have to work hard."


    OOPs!: While  Obama tries to get America focused on the false claim that Romney  outsourced jobs as the chief of Bain Capitol, what was the President  doing? Why, outsourcing his fundraising, of course. Outsourcing it to  Shanghai, China to be precise.

    On  July 11, Obama’s big money men were holding a nice fundraiser in Red  China for the President. It headed up by Technology for Obama  co-chairman Robert Roche, who has committed to raising $500,000 for  Obama.

    Here is the fundraising webpage for the Shanghai event: http://politicalpartytime.org/party/31547/

    From  the Cornfield, in case you missed it on your favorite news channel,  news site or newspaper, this is Part 2 of the latest Obama Roundup.

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