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    Two White Buffalo Born on June 16th in Oregon and Connecticut

    For immediate release on Monday, July 16th
    Call Cynthia Hart-Button at 888-401-5066 9a.m.-7p.m. PDT for more info

    One month ago today, a female white buffalo calf was born on a ranch in Central Oregon. June 16th is the same day that a male white buffalo calf was born in on a ranch in Goshen, Connecticut. As is her tradition, Cynthia Hart-Button, the Oregon rancher, held back her white buffalo birth announcement for one month, in order to be sure that the calf was in good health.

    Cynthia Hart-Button is the President of the Sacred World Peace Alliance, a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to the care of the world’s only herd of fifteen white buffalo. She has cared for the herd in Central Oregon since moving them from Flagstaff Arizona in 2010. Hart-Button received the news of the male white buffalo born in Goshen, Connecticut from a supporter who sent a link to an article published in the New York Times earlier this week. She plans to phone the Connecticut rancher, Peter Fay, to congratulate him.

    Cynthia Hart-Button was featured in the news in late May when she offered to send one of her finest white buffalo bulls to rancher Arby Little Soldier in Hunt County, Texas. Little Soldier, a Native American rancher, came home from a short trip on April 30th to find that his white buffalo calf, Lightning Medicine Cloud, had been killed and skinned just prior to his first birthday. The Sherriff’s Office of Hunt County later requested that Hart-Button not send the white buffalo bull offered, as they feared for his safety in Hunt County where the killing had taken place. Cynthia Hart-Button offered to send her bull to Little Soldier’s ranch in order to bring hope for the future back to the children of the area. Breeding her white bull with Little Soldier’s herd would restore the herd’s ability to breed and help many more white and brown buffalo to be born on their land.

    The incidence of a white buffalo birth is one in ten million. The incidence of two white buffalo being born on the same date is astronomical. Cynthia Hart-Button, who is descended from famed Native American Chief Sitting Bull, honors the legend of the White Buffalo Calf Woman who first brought the Seven Sacred Ceremonies to the Lakota people. She does not affiliate herself and the white buffalo in her care however, with any particular tribe. “The white bison are messengers of peace,” commented Hart-Button. “They don’t belong to anyone or any tribe. The White Buffalo Calf Woman told the Lakota people that she would return in a time of great need. What the world needs most at this time is peace and a balance between the male and female energies of the planet. That is why a male and a female white buffalo were each born on opposite coasts of the United States on the same day. Just as Mr. Fay has committed himself to raising his white buffalo for peaceful purposes and not for meat, I have always done the same. I look forward to contacting him soon to congratulate him.”

    The birth of the female white buffalo named Desert Rose Spirit on Cynthia’s Central Oregon ranch is not a first. On Mother’s Day weekend last year, three white buffalo were born on May 7th, 8th and 9th. The two males and a female, now healthy and playful one-year-olds, and Desert Rose are featured in the upcoming documentary White Buffalo: An American Legend directed and produced by Ethan Marten. The film will also feature the male white buffalo born June 16th in Connecticut and others born around the country over the past several years. Marten and his screenwriter brother Richard had been working on their documentary for four years when they first heard about Hart-Button’s unique herd of fifteen white buffalo in June. Ethan Marten comments, “These two white buffalo births on the same day are a new beginning in the story of the white buffalo. They bring to mind the story of Adam and Eve, male and female, black and white, yin and yang. In the combination of opposites we see the great need for equality in this time of heightened spiritual awareness and great change.” Marten’s feature length documentary is due for release in theaters this fall.

    The authenticity of the white bison at Hart-Button’s ranch has been determined by a DNA test given to the matriarch of the herd in the late 90s. Matriarch Miracle Moon was born on April 30th, 1997 in Colony Wyoming to a brown buffalo named Big Momma. Miracle Moon then gave birth to the next two female white buffalo in the herd; Rainbow Spirit born June 8, 2000 and Mandela Peace Pilgrim born July 18, 2001. The brown buffalo on the ranch carry a recessive white gene which has caused them to give birth to white calves. Desert Rose Spirit is the first calf of her two white buffalo parents Joyful Spirit and Chief Hiawatha. She has a cousin, born June 2nd of this year named Sky Hawk Spirit who is four colors: red, white, yellow and black. Sky Hawk’s parents are a rare black buffalo and a brown buffalo which carry the recessive white gene. “Sky Hawk’s four colors represent the Four Sacred Directions and the four races of the world,” Cynthia Hart-Button comments, “She is just as extraordinary as her white buffalo cousin Desert Rose. All animals of all colors are sacred.”

    The incidence of white buffalo births seems to be on the rise along with increasing births of other white leucistic animals, such as the white lions of South Africa, the spirit bears of the Canadian Pacific Coast, white whales, white alligators, white eagles and many other species. Spiritually oriented white animal watchers say that the white animals, along with all animals of all colors, are messengers of peace and equality in these turbulent times. The end of the Mayan Calendar on December 21st 2012 has inspired many to have a greater respect for indigenous cultures and the natural world. “The white buffalo calves born in locations ranging from South Africa, Kenya, Oregon and Connecticut remind us of the White Buffalo Calf Woman’s directive toward a return to peace on Earth at this time” remarks Hart-Button. “As we look at the continuing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and escalating tensions throughout the world, this is a very timely message. On an individual level, each one of us can help by learning to walk in our own inner peace.”

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