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    Posted July 20, 2012 by
    Lumberton,, New Jersey
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    Gun ownership in America

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    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Obamicaan supports the Second Amendment, but asks what the right to bear arms really means nowadays. 'We have the right to bear arms, but how much arms do we have the right to bear?' he asks. For him, bearing arms does not mean carrying assault weapons. 'An AK-47 is a weapon of war,' he says. As a gun-owner himself he says people need to ask themselves why they need multiple weapons.

    On the topic of the National Rifle Association, he says the NRA has the right to lobby for their rights, but that right does not mean overlooking gun control. 'In any civilized society we need rules and regulations,' he says. He believes the American Constitution also needs to be looked at more closely because it is too broad and needs a level of explanation. 'I think if the Founding Fathers were writing the Constitution now it would be totally different. Instead of two pages it would be volumes,' he says.

    When he learned about the Colorado theater shooting he was deeply saddened by the incident. 'It is no longer an isolated incident,' he says, citing mass shootings in the past few years. Although this mass shooting is a traumatic and sad event, he says he is troubled by fleeting attention of people in regards to gun violence. 'When we get large scale killings everyone wants to pay attention, but what about all the other killing that happen in American. What about the one of one gun violence, those add up to thousands of lives,' he says.
    - Jareen, CNN iReport producer

    Allow me to express my deepest condolences to the families of the victims of the horrible tragedy that unfolded this morning. It seem like every year we go through several episodes of gun violence and mass killings in America. Yet, every attempt to limit the assess, or to monitor the purchases of firearms by the government, is met with very vocal opposition by the NRA and their supporters. How many innocent Americans, who were simply minding their business, by going to school, or work, or just going to movie, have to die before something is done about this problem? I believe in the second amendment; but where does it say that you have the right to have an arsenal of weapons to protect yourself. How much weapons is enough for personal protection? At what point is the government going to protect the people from the lunatic fringe in this country.
    We have gotten to the point where the NRA special interest group, is intimidating the democratically elected representatives of the people, to write and pass laws supporting their cause. The government has a responsibility to protect the people, with background checks, and pay special attention to citizens with large amount of weapons. The right of the minority cannot supersede the rights of the majority. It is time for an open and frank conversation, without fear of retribution from any special interest group. The fact is people use guns to kill other people; I think that is abundantly clear at this point.
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