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    World War II Gallery In SL - Are We Close to World War III?


    I belong to the Roadside Philosophers Group in Second Life, we meet now and again and discuss any and every topic imaginable. However, the lady who runs the group, the talented presenter and author Pamala Clift, was asked to chair at a different venue last Saturday, it was a conference about World War II at the D&R Gallery. The theme was ‘are we witnessing a quiet preparation to a new conflict’ So it was with great interest that I went over to the conference room at the gallery to hear what people’s opinions were on the subject. The D&R Gallery is owned and created by 1think Resident who has painstakingly gathered powerful photographs taken from the WWII period and each picture tells a story about the suffering endured by so many and the tragedy of how millions of lives were lost during those terrible years of conflict. The pictures are spread over 5 floors of the gallery, depicting scenes taken from just before, during and shortly after the war. Another floor contains some very touching poetry written by people from different nations expressing their feelings about the war.


    Dreamy Barbosa who is 1think Resident’s PA had ask Pamala along to chair the conference and some of us spoke in voice and others in text to offer what we thought about politics today and also about WW2 itself. People had been invited over earlier to look around the gallery; However there is so much to see and it’s so interesting that you need to spend a good deal of time there to absorb not only the visual side of things, but to read the information as you click on each photo, which gives you the full impact of what really happened and how many nations were involved.


    Why did gallery owner 1think choose to hold the conference on the 14th July? well he explained in the literature obtainable at the gallery “Knowing the history To understand the present To face the future. A premise, today is the 14th of July is important for humanity. In fact, in the July 14, 1789 took place in France the storming of the Bastille. From the French Revolution began the implementation of human rights that became an integral part of the French constitution. Freedom: Freedom is the power to do whatever is not injurious to the rights of others. Equality means that the law is equal for all the differences by birth or social status are abolished Fraternities do not do unto others what you do not want done to you. ” He continues “Many would say almost all countries (especially developed countries) have in their constitution these words. Unfortunately .... , The reality is different. Many people ask me why this show. Why revive a bad history of mankind. The purpose of the exhibition is to remember what happened and what mankind is capable of. In the war there was only one loser: the man. remember: the destruction of what man had laboriously constructed for years. The loss of heritage and urban. The death of so many, too many men. The brutality of man towards his fellows. Peace cannot be fought with weapons. Remember that the war only generates monsters. Remember that the danger of war is always present. Ensure that human rights, freedom, equality and fraternity are respected.”


    Here is one of the poems on display:


    Do not call me hero


    When you see the medals that I wear,
    Medals make not the hero,
    They just prove that I was there.
    Do not call me hero,
    Now that I am old and grey,
    I left a lad, returned a man,
    They stole my youth that day.
    Do not call me hero,
    When we ran the wall of hail,
    The blood, the fears, the cries, the tears
    We left them where they fell.
    Do not call me hero,
    Each night I stop and pray,
    For all the friends I knew and lost,
    I survived my longest day.
    Do not call me hero,
    In the years that pass,
    For all the real true heroes,
    Have crosses, lined up on the grass.


    Rob Aitchison


    We can only gather whatever facts we come across, but my own views are that there is no doubt that we are in the most dangerous times of our lives; as I am in Europe I see the European Union growing into a Super State, and to do this they require each member nation to give up their sovereignty and to also create a single currency, as is written into the Lisbon Treaty, so that is the aim, and it always has been; It was never just about free trade between EU countries. A document kept top secret for 30 years and finally released, reveals that even then, back in 1971, they knew that we would lose our democracy, independence and sovereignty. The document is called Sovereignty and the European Communities and it was an advisory document for ministers just before the UK joined the then called Common Market or EEC. http://www.th-eu-nit.com/downloads/commonwealthofficedocument.pdf It can be found on Minister for European Parliament Trevor Colman’s website ‘The Unit’ http://www.th-eu-nit.com/index.php/1972-et-al The conclusion and the action by politicians at the time about people realising their sovereignty was at stake, had been to keep them in the dark about the full implications of losing their independence as a nation; The founders of the EU knew very well that people would not respond to losing their democracy easily. It would seem that the EU is the blue print for the rest of the world and other countries will soon follow suit in losing their border controls to eventually merge together under a global government. The single currency can only be achieved if the economy of each country fails, and this is happening rapidly, because of all the debt. And the outcome? a central world bank will be called upon to sort it all out. Will this be with the blessing of all the peoples in all the involved nations, I doubt it, and so yes, we may already be well on the way for social changes like we have never experienced before, including war.


    Like it or not, we are in changing circumstances and it’s a change that we cannot stop, everything that we have built, our society’s infrastructure as we know it, can’t carry on in the formula that is in place now, things have gone too far, too much manipulated debt, too much corruption, too much has already been put into effect to make our monetary system no longer viable. But there is hope, we can all work together to inform people, to prepare them for the collapse of everything they have been used to. It doesn’t matter what race or creed people are, whether they vote for the right or the left, none of this matters. We are into a new chapter in our lives and we can adapt, we are clever, we can find a way. Can peace be achieved? It’s up to you, face it full on, do your research and take what action you consider will help, and then share it with others, spread the word - or perish, it’s as simple as that!


    I’ll finish with some statistics taken from 1think’s gallery


    Died during the Russian Revolution 20/30M
    Died during the Chinese revolution 65/80M
    Deaths in WW2 50/60M
    6M Jews
    Gypsies, homosexuals, disabled 14M
    Deaths in Africa and Asia 7M
    Source: Stephane Courtis, historical
    Without talking about the extermination of Native Americans (Indians) from 1607 to 1890. Dead 70M
    The slave trade .....


    Here are some videos you may want to start with:


    A film you might like to watch is Thrive The beginning may make you ask what it’s all about, but this fantastic film helps to unfold events that have led us up to today. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEV5AFFcZ-s


    97% Owned - Positive Money Cut


    D&R Gallery

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