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    Posted July 24, 2012 by
    Lake Stevens, Washington
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    Gun ownership in America

    Reticent gun owner


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     VikingFour says shooting firearms has made him more profoundly aware of how powerful and devastating the impact of a bullet can be. "It terrifies me to think that some people use powerful weapons on animals and humans. Anyone who sees what a bullet can do must understand how horribly powerful the larger calibers are," he says. Having shot for years, he says he now primarily carries guns for protection when he goes to film bears. "I did shoot competitively at one time, even volunteered as a range officer, but I am fervently anti-hunting. I am pro-gun control, pro-restriction, and believe that large capacity magazines and Teflon bullets should be outlawed. I also believe a 'bullet registry' should be established," he says. "While I'd love to see all guns destroyed, I'd be reluctant to volunteer mine first ... I won't take the chance to be the first if there's a chance some of the thugs might still keep theirs. I firmly believe many fewer crimes of spontaneity or impulse would occur if there were fewer guns. But I recognize I am being unrealistic and idealistic. It takes a societal change to get rid of the gun fanatic mentality anywhere in this world, and that kind of a change is not possible as long as the notion of 'freedom' is associated with gun ownership."

    VikingFour was featured in a head-to-head debate on gun control. Watch it and let us know who you think won.
    - Anika3, CNN iReport producer

    I'm an anti-hunting gun owner who emigrated from Canada in 1995. I own a couple of firearms because I conduct large mammal videography, but mostly because I know a gun culture exists here in the US, and I want to be able to defend my family if any of the fringe elements of this culture (with their armor-piercing rounds and 100-round drum magazines) decide to 'act up'. I abhor the NRA and their radical, paranoid perspectives, and I'm more concerned about being shot by one of the millions of 'legal' firearms in this country, then of a stolen gun. If I could be sure that every single gun in this country was destroyed, I'd be more than willing to give mine up - but I certainly won't be the first one. Finally, I'm amused by the irony of knowing that "there are no guns in Heaven" - despite not being a Christian myself, I know that this notion has a lot of conservative Christian gun owners scared witless :)
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