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    Posted July 24, 2012 by
    Arlington, Texas
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    Gun ownership in America

    Mom and concealed Gun carrier


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     A mom and a gun owner, thepcmom says people often don't realize that a good part of gun owners are women and mothers. "As a whole family we have five guns. Four of them, we use at the range to shoot for fun and prepare for danger, and we also have one antique German gun for investment purposes," she says. "I believe that every able bodied and able minded person should carry a gun. If people are worried about gun control, I think they should worry about there own states regulations. Owning a gun does not automatically make you a bad person or a criminal."
    - Anika3, CNN iReport producer

    As a short (5'2) woman of 34 years old.. I have always been picked on my others.. and made fun of for my height. When I was 19 several young men tried to get into my car while we were at a stop light. About a year later.. I was followed off the high way to my apartment by several young men. After that I was never exactly the same.. people pick on you.. but when you feel your safety is at stake.. you will take up arms. About a year ago I finally decided to get my concealed handgun permit in TX.. and it is great. I go to the range at least once a month so I am always on target. I no longer worry constantly when I have my daughter with me that something will happen to either one of us. This being said I know there are still bad people out there, but I also know that I am armed and can handle the situation if it was to arise. I feel a piece of mind knowing that the bad people that commit crimes now has one more person secretly fighting against them. I put my gun on my person each morning as you would your pants or your shoes it has become part of my attire. To me the only thing that stricter gun control will do is remove the gun from my hand.. and leave me open to become a Victim, and this time something worse could happen to me. As Americans I believe that every able bodied and able minded person should take up arms. If every time a crime tried to be committed there was someone there pointing a gun at the criminal.. eventually the crimes would go away. Here in Texas you can legally carry your long gun with out a license.. I would love to see more people do that.. it might sound like the old west to you.. but the old west was much safer!
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