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    Gun ownership in America

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    Guns are a way of life


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     LaylaNVS told us, 'I believe in moderate gun-control. Limit how and where people can get guns, but once they pass the background checks, let them have their guns.'
    - hhanks, CNN iReport producer

    I have been around guns my entire life. Being born and raised in a rural area, I learned how to handle all types of guns safely and on my own by the time I was 10 years old.
    My parents were safe and smart about it. I took every hunter safety and handgun course they could get me through by the time I was 15. We hunt and skeet shoot as a family and I have a brother in the military.
    Now as a young woman who has lived on her own, guns are what allow me to sleep at night. I own guns because I choose to. I own rifles, shotguns and handguns and use them to keep myself and the ones I love safe.

    Being female automatically stigmatizes you as being weak, no matter how far we may have come politically or otherwise and this means there will always be those who try to prey on that weakness.
    Being a gun owner allows me to take back that power. I'm proud of my ability to defend myself if needed, versus relying on others that might not make it in time. It gives me peace of mind knowing that if the situation ever comes to it, I know I have the skills needed to keep myself safe. And those skills come from a lifetime of safe gun training and ownership. Some people might say move, find a better city to live in, whatever. I'm happy where I am and I'm happy with my ability to protect myself.

    While in college, the area that I lived in was less than a mile from the most concentrated area of sex offenders in the entire city (drawn to cheap college housing) and my roommates and I felt safe(ish) knowing that I was armed.
    I take my friends out to ranges, have taught them to shoot and have done my best to teach them gun safety. And I will do the same thing my parents did when I have children. Teach them well.
    It is all about education, and teaching children young how to respect and handle firearms.
    And maybe the screening process needs a little work, maybe include a psyc evaluation to the list.
    There will always be people who lose their minds, snap and want to hurt other people. If these people aren't using guns they will find another way, just like they have for hundreds of years. They say it over and over again, guns don't kill people, people kill people. And they are absolutely right. There will always be evil and angry people in this world. And yes, we should make it harder for them to gain access to weapons, but don't take them away from those of us who use them safely for legitimate reasons.

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